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Mark it down, Greg, I agree with you 100% on this one. I was in Yuma when they passed the sales tax to support Spring Training. Somehow Peoria got sales tax money to lure the Padres from Yuma to Peoria. We did not know that money was to be used to cut the throats of other Arizona cities. Tax payer subsidized sports facilities never, ever pay off. Scottsdale caught a break on this one.

So are you saying "if you build it they will come, but they might leave..."?

They should have invested that money in something good -- like 'green jobs'.

Tucson is crying foul (pardon the pun), but they put the park in a cruddy part of town with NO amenities like restaurants or clubs within walking distance. I trip to Scottsdale Stadium or the Peoria Sports Complex will show why these two stadiums alone are better than TEP. Tucson couldn't get enough fans at TEP to continue supporting minor league ball and now they can't even support spring training. The D-Backs and Rockies contracts ALLOW them to leave if there aren't three teams total in Tucson. The politicians that sat on their duffs and put a stadium in an industrial area and then whistled while the White Sox left are the same ones complaining that taxpayers are getting screwed. Well, they shoud have seen it coming and A) not built TEP in the first place, or B) at least put it somewhere that people might like to... y'know... visit.

Never underestimate the ability of government and politics to self-sustain. In the middle of the "Save the Cubs" drive and in order to get enough votes to pass the bill in the House, an economic bailout of the Tucson stadium was added. While I think that bill is dead, never underestimate the ability of government and politics to self-sustain.

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