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I found this opinion by the AG

Not sure if this violates it or not. It seems the language in the flyer was crafted carefully, but besides pamphlets for bond elections and overrides it doesn't seem clear that the school district is allowed to do this unless one considers it an attempt to "respond to questions about ballot measures." Can you preemptively respond to a question?

SUSD needs to cuts the fat. Just watched the Gov. Bd meeting and they didn't touch the Ed Center....just classrooms.
Dr. Catalani $200,000+
Petersen $150,000+
Cavanaugh $150,000+
McKenzie $110,000+
MS/HS Director $110,000+
ES Director $110,000+
Technology dir $110,000+
Dr. Sackos $110,000+
Public Information new lady $83,000
And they all have a secretary. The Catalani sect. makes $75,000

Just say NO ON 1000

Ah yes. Disparage the salaries of government executives. And of course don't forget to whine about inefficiency and incompetence of the same government. Now if we could just pay all the people we expect more out of LESS that would make all difference. People in their position at private companies make millions but for crying out loud what do they expect after getting advanced degrees (on their own dime) and spending 20 or 30 years in their profession?
And we wonder why the average tenure of a teacher in this state is less than 5 years.
Its such twisted logic that has driven our education system in this state off a cliff.

After reading the relavent law and the flyer, I have to agree with Todd.
The flyer reads much like the "informational" pamphlets the State sends out for many of the elections. Which is not to say it has a completely neutral voice, but these things never do.

If taken to court it would likely not be found to violate the State use law.

I'd like to see a school teacher send out an "informational" pamphlet on the problems with illegal immigration.

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