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Here is the Rand Corporation's conclusion on full-day K:

Our analyses reinforce the findings of earlier studies that suggest that full-day kindergarten
programs may not enhance achievement in the long term. Furthermore, our study raises the
possibility that full-day kindergarten programs may actually be detrimental to mathematics
performance and nonacademic readiness skills.

For the full study, go to: http://www.rand.org/pubs/monographs/2006/RAND_MG558.pdf

The jpg shot of the letter can't be read on line. Can you post a pdf version?

Rep. Kavanagh
Thank you for being a public servant...now, please serve your constituents. They voted to increase their taxes for all the education overrides and do not need you to undo all our work.

a newspaper that spouts liberal dogma will see its influence fade, its readership shrink and its viability diminish.

Oh...like the print version of the Tucson Citizen?

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