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Do those circulation numbers you cite include people reading the paper online for free or is that just the number of people getting the dead tree version tossed onto their lawns?

My point exactly Faith...there are still plenty of Republic readers, but the "circulation" numbers don't account for online readership and individual page views.

The article series was interesting, if somewhat predictable. Its nice that they have it all articles in one place.

However, mailing it out has the smell of desperation. They could have saved alot of cash by just emailing the "leaders" the address of the webpage where the Arizona 2020 series lives:


It seems like the Republic is jettisoning its traditional role of reporting the news and now styles itself as some kind of center-left think tank.

Not exactly fertile ground around here these days for those kind of ideas. Good luck with that...

Something I find particularly amusing is that the letter is generically addressed to "Arizona leader."

Does no one at the Republic know how to do a basic MS Word mail-merge so that the reader thinks, at the very least, that they know who they're addressing?

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