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My favorite part of the article was the mom says her feelings (love for her son) are more important than principle. Sounds like a typical bleeding-heart liberal. For what it's worth, the Republic reporter, Jamie Rose, is Mormon.

The aritcle was merely an excuse to put up over 50 pages of antiMormon comments on the web site. Mr. Lovely has a clear antiCatholic and antiMormon spin. The fact this feature story was the first the lead at azcentral show how slanted the site and the paper have become.

I take it from your comments that you are Mormon. Otherwise I don't see how you can be so unfeeling. Any religion that wouldn't let a mother witness her son's wedding has problems. Jesus says that you will know they are Christians by their love. This article and church practice is not loving at all.

Brenda, So, you believe that a church should disregard its tenets, beliefs, and practices, because someone, who doesn't follow those tenets, etc., might get their feelings hurt? Are you allowed to enter a Moose Lodge if you are not a member (assuming the Moose Lodge doesn't allow non-members to enter)? You wouldn't complain about that or any other restriction of similar type, but you denegrate a sacred practice of a church, claiming it's "so unfeeling" because of what you believe Jesus would do. What about all those parents who fail to believe in Christ and obey His commandments and don't make it to Heaven, yet their children do? Are you going to complain that Jesus is unfeeling for keeping them out of Heaven and not being with their children? The principle is the same. The Ten Commandments are a lot of "thou shalt nots." They are meant to help us, if obeyed, to be happy. Choices have consequences.

I love how people always talk about what Jesus would do. In Jesus' time, if a Jew brought a non-Jew into the temple, the law called for the death of both. That was one of the things Paul was falsely accused of at the end of his ministry. Women were only allowed to go so far into the temple. The truth is that throughout Jewish and Christian religious history, certain exclusions have existed regarding holy places such as temples. For the Jews, only Jews could go into the temple. For Mormons, only worthy adult members of the church can go into the temple. I have been a member of the LDS Church all my life. I didn't get to see my three older brothers get married because I was too young. It's not like the church is just trying to exclude non-members (and members who are too young) just to tick them off or hurt them. The temple is very symbolic (based off of millenia-old symbolism) and wouldn't make a lot of sense to people that don't understand the very basics of the teachings of the church. As the Bible says, you have to start with the milk before you get to the meat. If you want to know what the temple is all about, talk to the missionaries. Learn the "milk." Then maybe you will be ready for the "meat."

My main comment is how you are making fun of a Mom who is sad that she didn't get to see her son married. It doesn't show compassion at all. By the way, I thought Jesus came to do away with the law. I seem to remember how his harshest criticism were to the Pharisees who cared more about man made traditions than love for their fellow man. Have your traditions, but next time it might be wise to keep your smart comments to yourself and fellow Mormons who appreciate the biting humor. I certainly didn't bust a gut laughing and I will look at what you say a little different from now on.

Life aint fair.
Someone said the poor will always be with you.

I am with you, Brenda. I thought Christians were supposed to weep with those who weep. In this Holy Week, I think Jesus is weeping, not so much for this woman, but for Christians who don't know what his tears were really about.

First of all, I am pretty sure Greg is NOT a Mormon (unless he converted within the last six months or so). Second, everyone, Mormons included, could do a little better at being more kind and thoughtful towards others.

When Jesus performed his first miracle it was at a wedding and everyone was invited. It wasn't for just those who were "worthy."

It's very sad that a mother had to miss her son's wedding because of this.

Thanks goodness we don't have to be worthy to approach Jesus because no one would be able to do so. Thank goodness He came to give life to the unworthy and that anyone, at anytime, can approach Him.

Please don't confuse a wedding at a neighbor's house as compared to one in the Lord's House. You don't need to be in a church or synagogue to "approach Jesus," you can do that anywhere. The temple is a special, sacred place--not secret--sacred. The Jeursalem temple had it's Holy of Holies that only one chosen priest at a time could enter (e.g. Zachariah, father of John the Baptist), and remember, Jesus drove out the money changers (the unworthy?), not that I'm saying this mom was an unworthy money changer, only that the Temple was not supposed to be open for everyone. Jesus came to fulfill the law of Moses and usher in a new, higher law; but He didn't dishonor the temple in doing so.

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