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John McCain says it's the worst he's ever senn? That would imply that he's paid a visit to southern AZ. Smart Girl Politics held a "clean up the border" event on April 24. Piles of trash left by illegals were cleaned up. Michelle Malkin has the story with pics. I didn't notice John McCain there.

Trying to insinuate something negative because John McCain didn't show up to Smart Girl Politics photo-op at the border is ridiculous.

McCain is in Washington DC working on border/national security, among other things. He will be on Hannity tonight to talk about immigration.

Unlike some political panderers, McCain doesn't just talk about illegal immigration. He realizes that legal immigration needs to be fixed, too.

If people are really serious about fixing immigration, they would talk about both. Most politicians and hangers-on only want to talk about what stirs up the people, not what will really help.

When you're only interested in making political hay, you just keep howling and shouting about illegal immigration.

When the responsibility is really yours to keep our country strong, you do what John McCain does and work on both legal and illegal immigration.

Thank God we have John McCain. I hope folks wake up and do the right thing and keep McCain in August. Otherwise, we will have one happy liberal president and a bunch of energized Democrats happy that people were fooled into voting against John McCain.

Both Juan McCain and J-NO have been AWOL on the issue.

Travis says "thank God we have John McCain".
Which John McCain would that be? There are so many. During the national presidential debates, McCain was the ONLY one who could have spoken with knowledge about Obama's complete lack of experience and his voting record. McCain could have told us the TRUTH. But he didn't. Character matters, remember? McCain's sold his soul so many times, the Devil himself can't keep track.

onehorsetown: amen to that! it wasn't that long ago that McCain was working with Ted Kennedy to grant all the illegals amnesty.

Ahh, yes, the continuing move to the right by McCain in his hopefully unsuccessful attempt to keep "his" seat. Where have you been the past 30+ years John (other than catering to Dems and pandering to the press)?

And check out Michelle Malkin's website. Great column there earlier this week "John McCain: Please Go Now." There is a great photo-shopped pic of John's Straigt Talk Express bus, laying on its roof, wheels pointed skyward. p.s. Michelle Malkin has come out in support of J.D. Hayworth.

"I'm going to have to go with McCain on this one." And the facts to support this are...

Hey, Travis, how do you like working for the McCain campaign? That was perhaps the most pathetic post EVER on this site. What, are the water coolers over at McCain HQ filled with Kool Aid?

I don't even know what you mean when you say McCain has been working on "both legal and illegal immigration," unless you mean he is working to make illegal immigrants legal by granting them amnesty - then it makes perfect sense.

John McCain has lied continually about his position on illegal immigration and is pandering to win an election. He not only looks desperate, he looks like a fool. I'd have more respect for him (albeit not enough to vote for him) if he stayed true to his amnesty-supporting ways. If nothing else, John McCain has been exposed for what he's always been - an unprincipled politician.

Seeing McCain put in the position of having to pretend to be strong on border security is one of the funniest things to watch. Honestly, I don't know how he does it but I guess it comes naturally after contorting himself so many times over the last 28 years to get re-elected. I have been to two of his townhall meetings and have listened very carefully to what he says and what he does not say in response to questions about illegal immigration. He hasn't changed at all! He thinks we need a new guest worker program because "these are jobs Americans won't do." Boy if that is not some tired old rhetoric I don't know what is. He better watch out---some of us might start calling him Senator Lettuce again. Remember he got that name for saying Americans wouldn't pick the lettuce for $50 dollars an hour. The truth is Senator, these are jobs Americans are doing. Illegal labor competes with legal workers and drives down the wages of those working lawfully in this country.

John McCain gee where does one start on this back stabbing pos, that has suddenly found that the boarders are a real mess and a danger. John the boarders have been a problem for about the same amount of time that you have held office. J.D saw that and you fought him, but now that you're in trouble you want us all to believe that you're on OUR side. Well I hope you enjoy your retirement, I know I will.

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