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Can't wait to see what happened to J.D. and Sen McCain's numbers as a result...

Paul, tonight's news says that the Senator has 56% and JD is way down - about 32%

Alright, now hang on a second. This poll used 500 "likely voters."
What makes their "likely voters" any more credible than the PPP's "adults" that you were so critical of yesterday?

Michel: Polls come in three varieties -- Adults, Registered Voters, and Likely Voters.

Adults -- Anybody who answers the phone and says they're over 18.
Registered Voters -- Anyone who says they're registered (sometimes the pollsters work off registration lists).
Likely Voters -- Registered Voters who answer questions the pollsters use to determine the likelihood that somebody is going to vote. These questions vary from pollster to pollster -- sometimes as simple as 'did you vote last time?' and sometimes a series of issues questions determining whether the person is following current events closely.

Obviously, in projecting the outcome of an election, a poll of LVs will be more accurate than a poll of RVs (assuming the screening techniques are working), and a poll of RVs will be more accurate than a poll of Adults.

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