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Goddard is about to have a McCain moment.
Terry says he's going to sue over SB 1070; but today a huge drug smuggling ring was exposed in southern AZ.
Goddard is quoted in the AZ Republic as saying "It can't be emphasized enough how sophisticated and violent the drug cartels are in the border area."

I guess we'll skip this part of the PPP's own press release regarding their poll:
"PPP surveyed 813 Arizona voters from April 23rd to 25th. The margin of error for the
survey is +/-3.4%."

The misprint ("adults" vs "voters") was by the AZ Republic. The by-line is Ginger Rough. Perhaps Ginger does not appreciate the need for rigor in what is essentially a technical (or statistical) article.

BTW, Lisa, Arpaio has a higher favorable rating amongst Hispanics than does Brewer (40% favorable vs 55% unfavorable for Arpaio). Thus, I think other factors may be in play as well.

"Well, I'm a blogger, so I have to actually verify stuff before I print it."
If so, they why didn't you verify at the source (PPP), whose web page says VOTERS were surveyed?? I'm surprised you'd just repeat what The Republic said, given your opinion on them. They may be lazy journalists, but on this one you were a lazy blogger.

For the purposes of a poll, the distinction between "adults" and "voters" is moot since only adults can vote. That's self-evident. Therefore, if a poll only samples adults without assessing who is a registered voter or a likely voter, then it's really pretty worthless. The only poll that gives you a reasonable gauge is one that samples LIKELY voters. Greg's premise is valid.

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