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Gannett's cost-cutting just got easier -- replace him with an intern.

Wong is high-impact?

When is the last time the Republic actually broke a story? EP has far more hard hitting investigative reports than the AZ Rep.

Next thing you know Greg will be leaving for the WSJ!

Hey Greg, instead of accusing Phil Gordon of being a drunk on a public blog, maybe you should, you know, talk to people close to him if you're worried. Just saying.

Golly gee, Scott Wong writes a story about the mayor having an expensive speech writer and, as if by magic, Mr. Wong takes wing to Politico. How many telephone calls did Phil Gordon (or David Leibowitz) have to make to get that accomplished? The mayor of Phoenix needs a speech writer? Really??
As to any medical condition he might have: If Gordon is under stress, well, he brought it on himself. Selling your soul is very dangerous to your health.

DId a post commenting on a political speech in progress really just disappear before our eyes?

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