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Papers Please.

Im personally thrilled that Brewer had the courage to sign this legislation.

Jan Brewer has gone from pretender to contender.

exactly Gayle.

I am really sick of people making these excuses for these people who are breaking our law and taking bread out of our mouths. People are really hurting out here due to unemployment. Any traitorous scumbag who traffics in these awful excuses for these people should be symbolically lynched.

And Palin herself, the keynote speaker at the event, mentioned more than once how great it was to see that Arizona has such real competition in our primaries. Did anyone else hear the nervous laughter? I appreciate Palin's enthusiasm for Brewer's competition (Martin and Mills who were in the audience)?

Courage? This vote, in a contested Republican primary, took courage? Has it every taken courage to divide a community and seek to rally support against a common enemy? It doesn't take courage. It takes calculation.

Perhaps he didn't know, but that night, after Sarah Palin spoke, Governor Brewer also signed into law a more important piece of legislation which allows us to opt out of funding abortions through state insurance or the new federal healthcare plan. That is the more important piece of news....

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