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Yes you also predicted she would be out of her job by I think it was jan or feb this year. Such a prophet you are. The comparison is a bit disengenuous don't you think? Browns mistake dealt with a situation where people were dying as a result of inaction... This is an oil spill...

The "comparisons" you cite consist of one paragraph on a legal blog no one has heard of?

Your own post notes that the problem tripled in size only in the last two days. Yet you expected an armageddon response to be launched by the feds 11 days ago?

This delayed response, and her ties to Arizona, with the media-frenzy about illegal immigration, will not help her chances (however slim) for the Supreme Court appointment.

We have aircraft that can release oil-dispersal chemicals, so far they have not been used.


Maybe you should contact Janet and let her know about the oil-dispersal chemicals. I am willing to bet it would be news to her.

Another pundit's view: http://tinyurl.com/3ydy482

Guess we'll see who's right.

And for Jamcool and GmaninAZ-an article from April 30 with a picture of the plane I guess not releasing the dispersants you speak of: http://tinyurl.com/33mb4ba

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