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Hard to believe that Arizona has no credible newspaper; the radio stations are in the bag for McCain and co-conspirators, and Terry Goddard is allowed to "unofficially" run for Governor in plain sight. Thank God we have Greg up there in the lighthouse keeping an eye on this ship of fools.

There is the alternate idea that they can sell the maximum number of newspapers by presenting an issue that is boiling in Arizona.

I would not buy the Rag if they printed the
location where Guberment was passing out
hundred dollar bills because I know the free
money will cost me over $150.

The whole "crime is down" except for the "drug gangs murdering cops" bit reminded of what Mayor Marion Barry said when Washington D.C. was called the Murder Capital of the U.S.: "Outside of the killings, DC has one of the lowest crime rates in the country..."

I cant even remember the last time i read a credible NEWS story in the Republic. I guess that's what happens when your major newspaper is used as a J-School lab assignment.

Crime is down in Maricopa County. As soon as we passed the employer sanctions law illegals began leaving the state. Remember what dire consequences that law was going to have on our state. Remember the propositions we passed several years ago. Three of them dealt with illegal immigration. All of these factors cause attrition. Attrition works and we have proved it in Arizona and will continue to prove it with SB 1070. What is hilarious is the state senator from Utah on Fox saying that Utah is thinking about passing their own version of SB 1070. He said every time Arizona passes laws to solve the problem of illegal aliens they all come to Utah. Utahans welcome to our world!

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