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There are times when a poll is not the best indicator of what is a good or bad idea. Wasting tax money on efforts to deport immigrants are probably the worst waste of tax money there is (next to jailing marijuana users).

Thane Eichenauer
2010 Libertarian Party candidate for Arizona state treasurer

While I too have a bit of a cranky libertarian streak in me, I think this is an instance where "wasting taxpayer money" will actually save taxpayer money. We spend far too much money educating, giving healthcare, and providing welfare to illegals and their dependents. By removing them we save money in the long run.

Eliminate the welfare state, vigorously enforce the laws against employers for hiring illegals and most will go home on their own.
We have already proved that in Arizona with the employer sanctions law, propositions passed a few years ago and now with SB 1070.


I think if I give you a dime for each vote
you are going to collect in the race for
state treasurer I will still have most of
my Social Security check.

As a cashier for a 'big box' store in the valley, I see tons of state checks passed for merchandise. About 70% of the recipients of those handouts cannot conduct their transaction in the english language. Now I know it's not correct to say that you are not a legal citizen, just because you can't speak english, but....
I just wonder why we couldn't pass a law that says you need to be here legally to get any regular benefits!?

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