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Saw an article on FoxNews.com as well, loved it.

Drudge picked it up, Foxnews has a story, Gary was on KFYI and other radio talk shows this morning, he was on the 10pm news last night, and Greta plans to have him on tonight.

It is now 11:13am on May 19, and I see no mention of it on azcentral.com.

Just checked again...

It's there now, time-stamped 11:47am:

I love the slant the article takes from the get-go. In the first sentence, Ryan Randazzo states that Pierce is threatening to black out Los Angeles (did Pierce say that?), but Pierce has no power to do so. The second sentence points out that Pierce is running for re-election.

The article goes on to report that Arizona can't do squat, according to Kris Mayes.

Has Randazzo looked into what California's actual ownership stake amounts to versus how much power California gets from Arizona plants? Pierce has, and he has explained it to any who have bothered to ask. He never said the ACC would shut off power to California. He said he would be happy to encourage the Arizona utilities to renegotiate their contracts, and he suggested that such a move would be feasible on the part of those Arizona utilities.

Thank you for covering the news, azcentral. Well, nice try, anyway.

Compare and contrast the article on azcentral.com with this article on KGUN9 down in Tucson: http://www.kgun9.com/Global/story.asp?S=12508838

Looks like the reporters in Tucson know how to read.

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