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Specter had been in the senate for 30-years, but in the party of his primary for 30 minutes. This is not a great comparison to McCain.

Hayworth is begging for money, has no support from his own delegation, who are former peers, and has already been a loser in this state.

McCain should work hard because it's the right thing to do, but the recent news does not portend badly for him as reported.

No, what portends badly for McCain is when he says on Greta's On The Record show that he is for a path to legalization and temporary guest worker programs. Most people don't want either one of these things. Doesn't he realize that when he talks that way he himself is encouraging more illegal immigration? You see when McCain continues to say things like "these are jobs Americans won't do" (which he did at a town hall in Sun Lakes) you realize that he has not changed one whit. Remember when said that Americans wouldn't pick the lettuce for 50 dollars an hour? Well what is the hourly wage now Senator McCain? He has been part of the problem of Washington for the last 28 years.
The quote from the Federalist Papers best sums it up.
The only way to control a legislator is to make him come home and live under the laws he writes for the rest of us.
That is what I am hoping for.

We keep talking about primary election polls but look at general election polls. J.D. looks like a potential loser in the general election. A PPP poll at the end of April has McCain winning the general by 16 point and J.D losing! The Weekly Standard says if J.D. wins "it will be much tougher for Republicans to hold the seat."


Joe Sestak is a former Navy admiral and a respected member of Congress who was running against a guy that Pennsylvania Democrats had been voting against for 30 years. Comparing him to JD Hayworth, who had so little respect on Capitol Hill before he was booted by Mitchell that even Dick Armey has called him undistinguished, is laughable. As a Democrat, I would love to see the GOP nominate Hayworth, but it ain't happening. Not even the Arizona Republican Party is dumb enough to see Foghorn Leghorn as a United States Senator...are they?

McCain is without a soul. He was the only one, during the presidential debates, who could have told us chapter and verse about Obama's dismal voting record in the Senate and Obama's complete lack experience. Now, during the AZ campaign, he ran ads saying that he goes up against Obama and doesn't mind taking the bruises for doing so. What?
Saw McCain the other day in a Seante hearing with Napolitano regarding SB1070. It looked totally scripted. Why won't he agree to debate Mr. Hayworth, if he is so confident?

I would rather lose with JD than win with McCain!

Don't worry, onehorsetown, you can win the general with JD! The Rasmussen poll Greg refers to has Hayworth up by 16 points on Glassman.

As for Hayworth's popularity in Congress, he was one of the most popular and well-liked Republicans in Washington - until he took on McCain, Bush, Flake, Army, et al on illegal immigration. Is it coincidence that all the guys trashing Hayworth now supported amnesty for illegal immigrants and lost in large part because of Hayworth and Tom Tancredo?

And if Hayworth is such a joke, why is John McCain doing backflips to immitate him? Everything John McCain is saying on illegal immigration JD Hayworth was saying years ago. You have to admit - Hayworth has been proven right on illegal immigration. Everything in his very good book (if you haven't read it, you should - even Bob Robb praised it) has come to pass and the arguments we are having now would be moot if we had listened to Hayworth 4 years ago.

As for McCain not being a party-switcher like Specter, that is correct. But this is the same McCain that said he would consider being John Kerry's running mate. He also once said, "I believe my party has gone astray. I think the Democratic Party is a fine party and I have no problems with it, in their views or their philosophy." And, of course, there are McCain's countless liberal positions on the issues, from taxes to immigration to enhanced interrogation. It's not Arlen Specter territory, but it's close.

Greg you are drinking way too much Hayworth Kool-Aid! If they had a 12% lead they would be crowing like roosters! Even RedState (which happens to be the same company that published Hayworth's book) says Hayworth is going to lose http://politicomafioso.blogspot.com/2010/05/redstatecom-editor-erick-erickson.html

Nice try but McCain is going to win!

This RACE should be about taking our country back. People have become so blinded and terrorized about "a vote for anyone else is a vote for McCain" mentality, that no one on the congressman's bandwagon can see the forest through the trees. This battle does NOT end in August but in NOVEMBER. Since the congressman's political machine is so into polls, this one is only 1 month old.
http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/poll-mccain-leads-democrat-16-h... .
Glassman is a REAL threat!. DO NOT FORGET there is just as many registered DEMS in this state as Republicans. A lot of Independents will NOT vote for the congressman. That is 900,000 registered unknowns. Take nothing for granted in this anti-incumbent year and YES the congressman is an incumbent of 12 years / 6 terms before AZ residents FIRED him and voted for DEM MITCHELL in a 15% more Republicans then Dem district. I personally do not buy the victimology that the congressman spews that the senator "told his supporters to stay home." Sorry just do not believe the hype.

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