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Sorry Greg, but since the 2008 election Giffords has maintained an extremely left-wing position on everything!

She tried to avoid the public last year until it became embarassing.

She won't listen to constituents who oppose the hard left stance she has taken on everything.

She's not waffling, she just gone way out in left-field.

That's why she is toast.

Of course, the dingbat (better know as 'Pelosi's stooge,') doesn't realize it.

It was telling that she avoided CD 8 voters in Sierra Vista during the August recess last year and went to Douglas instead. It was obvious that she had decided to represent only select interests in her district and that did not include anybody that disagrees with her.

Giffords had little interest in this part of the district until the border issues started to flare up again and she decided she had better try to get in front of the issue.

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