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GMU Law's Todd Zywicki has taken a look at the effect of payday lending restrictions on consumer welfare:


Surprise, surprise, limiting access to nontraditional lending (like payday lenders) pushes people to more expensive alternatives.

I don't see this as being that big of an issue with voters in the fall. If the payday loan battle was still goin on, it might be an issue, but with the industry dead and gone, not so much. Giffords has much bigger issues to tackle than the payday loan industry.

Why doesn't this surprise me at all?

Oh wait, this is right in line with the nature of Gabby to hypocritical. She ran as a Pro-Business Centrist Democrat and has ever since voted for Health Care Reform, the Economic Stimulus, and Cap and Trade.

To top it off...she has voted with Barrack Obama 90% of the time! She will do whatever the President and Nancy Polosi tell her to do; even if it means she has to break her word with her constituents.

I will proudly take any of the Republican candidates of her in a heartbeat. However, Paton sure does spark my interest!


Paton was one of the biggest backers of Prop 200 (the one voters rejected by a 2 to 1 margin). Back then, he had the nerve to assert that Prop 200 would REDUCE the number of payday lending stores. So, not only did Paton NOT listen to his constituents, he essentially LIED about the intent of the initiative. Seriously, people. Supporting payday lending is one thing. Actively deceiving your constituents is a whole nother thing.

How do we know this is Gabby’s property? Or is Paton just attacking her family members, who are private citizens (I’m assuming they are, because I’ve never read anything in the news about any of her relatives). So if I create a blog tomorrow and I post a photo of a Payday Loan Supermart, can I just say it belongs to Jonathan Paton? Greg, how about doing some of that real-journalism fact-checking you always bash the MSM for NOT doing. What are your sources on this? Besides the Paton campaign, that is…

Hey, independent arizona, a couple things:

1. Giffords Land and Cattle Company owns the center and the checks for rent go to the same PO Box as her campaign. 2. She was a property manager for this property and listed it on her financial disclosure statement.

Greg, this is the best post you've had in a long time which means a lot because they've all been pretty good.

Now if we could just get the SOS to publish those candidate and elected official financial disclosure statements online we'd be set.

Greg, when will you be replacing the photo of the Grand Canyon at the top of your page with a picture of your boy Paton? You have attacked Giffords(and Jesse Kelly) so much on this site that I am half-expecting Paton to list your tireless efforts on his behalf as an in-kind contribution on his next expenditure report.

One of the earlier commenters already noted Paton's work on behalf of payday lenders and his remarks raise an important distinction between Paton's decision to advocate for that industry and the fact that the Giffords family rents a spot to a payday lender. We have no way of knowing the full extent of any role Rep. Giffords played in renting the space you mention in your post, but it is reasonable to assume, given her other duties, that she plays a very limited (if any) role in the day to day management of the family-owned shopping center. Conversely, we know all we need to know about Paton's ties to payday lenders by his actions and his words on their behalf.

I don't begrudge Paton his loyalties or alliances. He can answer for them when he faces the voters. Your point is that he and Giffords are cut from the same cloth on this issue. That may be what Paton and Scarpinato told you to post, but it requires a logical leap that only a sycophant could make.

Rex, so what is the leap you're saying people are making? She owns the strip mall. She manages it. Everyone knows that. She profits from the payday loan industry and she's criticizing another candidate. Pot. Kettle. Black. She's a hypocrite pure and simple.

And as for shilling for a candidate, Rex, you and your education spending lobby buddies have been a part of the cheering squad for Giffords since her primary with Patty Weis. So get over it.

"She manages it. Everyone knows that"

Really, Cathy? Are you so blinded by your partisanship and dislike of Giffords that you believe that a member of Congress has the time to decide who rents space in a strip mall that her FAMILY owns? You and Greg are so desperate to find mud to hurl at Giffords that you are deluding yourselves.

By the way, I did not realize that serving as an educator in our public schools for the last 18 years makes me a lobbyist, but if that is the title I deserve for taking on people like you and Paton, I'll take it. Paton's votes as a member of the failed GOP legislative leadership will be decisions he will have to answer for in November, provided he survives the primary. Good luck with that, by the way. Why don't you and Greg worry about the points raised by your Tea Party primary opponent(https://www.votejessekelly.com/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=10) before you start acting like you already have the GOP nomination?

She owns it along with her family, Rex, sorry. She listed "property manager" on her financial disclosure form when she ran for congress. So she managed the property while there was a payday loan store there. She still profits from it. If you want to say this ancient history, so are Giffords' attacks on Paton.

As for Jesse Kelly, Dennis Welch in the post above assumes that Paton is going to be the nominee and so does everyone else--including the democrats (they ain't attacking Jesse). His attacks are all jokes which is why he is shedding supporters and they are going to work for Paton. Paton's campaign had over 80 volunteers out on May 18 to work the polls to the voters. Kelly had 3. You're going to face Paton in November which why you and all the democrats are focusing your attacks on him. Sorry, but the payday loan attack is not going to work when she and her family OWN a shopping center with Ace Cash Express in it.

As for the tea party, most of the folks in the tea party movement are working for Paton. You didn't go to the event on tax day but it was Paton World. He is going to win the primary and he's going to win the general.


Implying that Paton has more volunteers than Kelly and that Paton owns the tea party is just precious. Paton was paying people to go out and get signatures and now he is "paying" to get people to join his facebook page by running an ad. Its killing him that Kelly has the grassroots so he is doing everything he can to make it appear that he does. Yes, Paton has the moderates and the establishment lovers but Kelly has the conservatives and the fact that you all just can't shut up about him is telling.

As a Democrat, I will flat out admit that I would rather face Paton than Kelly. Back when it looked like this would be an easy race for Giffords, you couldn't go anywhere in CD8 and not see Kelly, who declared his candidacy long before Paton. I attended a debate in Oro Valley a few months ago and Kelly easily had the majority of the crowd in his camp. He is articulate and forceful in his views and has a much more commanding stump presence than Paton. His views are anathema to me, but he is a better representative of the current philosophy of the GOP than Paton and is already coming after Paton hard for prior votes and positions that just won't stand up to scrutiny with most primary voters.

Paton got in late and has acted like the nomination is already his since he did. Four years ago, there was another CD8 GOP candidate who everyone said was the front-runner and who had the backing of the retiring incumbent, as well as support from the big donors. That person lost the primary (in a multi-candidate race) to a hard core conservative with a committed cadre of followers. No one should be shocked if history repeats itself in 2010.

Rob, I'm sorry but I've worked to get Paton signatures in this election and every one they got came from a volunteer. How is Paton paying for people to join facebook? All I see is Kelly running ads on drudge and gmail doing exactly that. I think it's laughable that you would say Kelly's a grassroots candidate. He has gone to washington more times than anyone in the race. He has asked for more endorsements -- McCain and the rest of the delegation than anyone. He has taken more out-of-state money. He's a flip-flopper and he takes stimulus money while criticizing it. He had three people working for him on the 18th, virtually no one working for him on April 15th or the Rita Ranch Fun Day. But the biggest sign that he is losing has to be the fact that he begged Brian Miller to get out of the race.

Rex, you and I must have been at different debates, because Kelly sucked.

Please keep in mind that only a tiny percentage of voters will actually see in person, let alone meet, these candidates. If there are 500k voters in the congressional district and half are of your party and the primary turnout is 20% you are talking about 50,000 people. You can knock on 5,000 doors (ha, ha) and you've just talked to 10% of the people whose votes you need. You can debate in front of 1,000 people and mop the floor with the other guy and what do you have? Not much. Like it or not, running for congress is about the money needed to "communicate" to those people and that is not something you do one-on-one. Paton in a landslide.


You lose all credibility when you start lying. And if Paton is such a sure thing, why do his supporters continually attack Kelly. And apparently the 500 or so people at attendance at that debate didn't think Kelly "sucked" since he won with over 50% of the vote. What did Paton get - like 20%? He barely beat Miller. Where were all of Paton's grassroots supporters that night?

Rex, maybe Kelly will bring you over from the dark side? :)

I think it doesn't matter who wins the Republican primary as long as we can beat Gabby in the General. Personally, I feel that Paton has the best chance. He is very articulate, he has the finances to communicate through mass media, and honestly his ground game has picked up a ton! Kelly better watch out! At any rate, either candidate would be better then gabby (yuck).

With that...no matter who wins...WE NEED TO SUPPORT THEM! We cannot have 2 more years of Gabby supporting 90% of the President and Nancy Polosi's agenda!

Since when do Democrats really care about what others think about their hypocritical stances? As long as they have the traditional media on their side, Democrats will continue to be hypocrites to the core.

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