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Linda is the same genius who wrote, following the 2006 re-election of Napolitano, that the Senate President and House Speaker should always defer to her. The reason? Napaolitano received far more votes statewide. Nevermind that legislators don't even run statewide and can't possibly garner as many votes.

One of the words in the first sentence isn't right. I think you wanted the first 'who' to be an 'is'. Thought you'd want to fix it.

Did she really advocate for a ban on yamulkas in public?

Valdez is an idiot.

Linda Valdez is a pathetic, untalented bigot. Her liberal (radical?) rants are not deserving of even being on the intellectually challenged editorial pages of the Republic. Besides, as shown by the incorrect information she writes, it can be dangerous.

Another sign of a poor writer is one who uses "Loose Canon" when he presumably meant "Loose Cannon," which is an old naval term for a cannon (i.e. weapon vs Canon camera) which breaks loose in a storm or in battle and poses a threat to the ship.

A canon is a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged or a church decree. A cannon is something that comes loose in a storm (hence "loose cannon") and goes boom.

Greg Here: I don't usually respond to comments, but "Editor" obviously missed the pun. I clearly understand the difference between a "Cannon" and a "Canon" and that's what makes the pun funny. Valdez' weak writing and poor analytical skills are comparable to inadequate Canons...that's why it's a pun, get it...the expression is Loose Cannons and she is a lose cannon--and also someone who doesn't understand basic canons.

Well, Editor, since the Republic sets itself up as the arbiter of all that is right and true - i.e., a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged - the term actually fits.

Perhaps you've heard of sarcasm? Irony?

Darn - Greg posted while I was typing. I hate when that happens!

While it's tempting to ignore the poor writing skills of professional writers, I believe that the poor writing provides a window into poor analysis.

Beautifuuly stated. If one cannot think, one should not write.

There is a reason Linda does what she does for a living: she could not get any job doing anything else, anywhere. She is an exact match for her line of incompetence.

The only thing she needs to watch out for is lawsuits, when she gets everything wrong, which is all the time…

Linda Valdez, June 2007 right on the editorial page:

“I didn’t elect Democrats to use my taxes to support animal cruelty”

Hope your Dems can buy enough papers to keep you solvent.

Linda's fame is for writing POWER PUFFS!

Let's everybody mind the difference between "loose" and "lose," too.

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