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What I don't get about Ward is the arrogance and stupidity.

1. As Greg points out, in day and age of blogs why make up a quote about yourself.

2. Moving here from the SF area just to run for Congress? Sounds weirdly like a guy with a mid-life crisis who decides to throw a hail-mary.

3. Then you have the blatant falsehoods in the mailer. I received the mailer and while I didn't dissect it as well as Greg, the whole raised taxes thing struck me as odd considering the County Treasurer has no say in that. But then again, Ward apparently hasn't spent a lot time in Arizona so might have been confused.

I don't know who I will vote for in the CD5 primary - but it won't be for this clown.

Greg, I didn't get past the back cover before I found this whopper you missed: "'Lost in 1994 and 2008 to Harry Mitchell."

Hayworth won the 1994 CD primary. And he beat Karan English, the Democrat, in the General.

Mitchell, in 1994, was running for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Not Congress. He lost in the primary.

I don't think anyone in CD5 actually thinks anyone has a chance against David. His group is organized, efficient and getting the name in your face.

I truly believe Schweikert can beat Harry Pelosi solidly.

Looks to me as though Mr. Ward has blow his wad & is done... I'm putting my money on Schweikert to go on and win the race and be our new congressman.

Interesting that the Ward camp is hanging their hat on the idea that David was beaten by Mitchell last time....umm, if I'm not mistaken there was an unspoken wave coming that outraised the McCain campaign roundly and provided enough coattails to hornswaggle nearly 54% of the voters to opt for "change". That kind of kool-aid ran all the way down the ticket. Add on top of that the fact that Mitchell was so scared by Schweikert that he BEGGED the DCCC for huge last minute funding and was able to essentially put between 2 and 3 million up on TV in the last twenty days. I don't care how good your ground game is and who you are - when you have to spend a million plus to work through a bloody primary and then the NRCC which is cash strapped fails to assist in any meaningful way, and you have local pols like Shadegg who refuse commit their help until it's too late and you get outspent 3 to 1 on gross rating points, of course it's going to be a loss. Money buys elections - period. And right now, it looks like Schweiky has done a fair job of raising it. His loss last time is insignificant when you ask yourself how many GOP House challengers were actually elected in the face of the Obama wave. I'm sure Ward is a nice guy and has done good things. I don't want to send someone to Washington whose best attribute is that he is a nice guy. I want a pitbull and Im just convinced that the man is Schweikert.

I saw this mailer too yesterday. It actually made me laugh out loud. Ward is clearly acting like a scared child who got caught doing something naughty and now has to blame someone else. Of course, I also did not dissect it to the extent as done above. But I am a voter, not an idiot. And that is basically what Ward managed to convey to me. He may as well have sent out a mailer that said "I don't think the constituents of this district are smart enough to make an educated decision on who they will vote for, so I will just spew whatever garbage I want, and they will buy it." No thanks pal. I have had enough crap spewed at me for a lifetime. And I am sick of these candidates acting like we are morons and don't have a thought in our tiny little heads. I recently had the privilege to speak with David one-on-one. He did not talk down to me, he is willing to listen and answer honestly. Here is what really impressed me about David though. He did not talk to me like I was a voter and he did not tell me what I wanted to hear. He and I happened to have had a differing opinion, and he did not flounder on his stance. That is a breath of fresh air in my opinion!!! David most certainly has my vote!

It amazes me that Ward really thinks he can just show up here in AZ and run for Congress - coming from the San Francisco no less.

What kind of ego must one have to wake up one day and say - "You know what - lets move to AZ so I can run for Congress"

Maybe I'm just not wired like Ward.

Mr. Ward is still working for the San Francisco based Alsop-Louie Venture Cap. firm, they also do investments, yeah Wall Street invovled, so he has not cut his ties to California. My question is, how does having Jim Ward on board help Alsop-Louie as they are touting that he is running for Congress in AZ district 5. What would they expect if he got elected?

Ward may not be a politician, but he is already acting like the worest kind in Washington DC

Since we are trying to get back to the "Reagan Conservative" days why are we breaking Reagan's rule... "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican". Campaign pieces like this cause the left foot to trip the right foot in the race to take back the house in November. If Schweikert wanted to get ugly he could label Ward a CARPETBAGGER and that the other big CARPETBAGGERS of the modern era were Hillary Clinton to NY and Harold Ford to NY as well.

Harry Mitchell has lots of money and lots of lobbyist/special interest around the country that do not want to see him defeated. Why would someone in the Republican party give them the bullets to use against another Republican down the road???

Word on the street is that the Wards are shopping a half million dollar loan co-signed by the father-in-law...If the money goes to the campaign, this is ILLEGAL.

Are the Cottons willing to go to jail for their son-in-law?

Horrible error by Jim Ward, who once again shows he doesn't understand Arizona - which makes sense since he's a Bay Area guy shamelessly trying to buy a congressional seat.

Arizonan voters are traditionally hostile to transparent attempts to move in from out of state and buy congressional offices. Just ask Doug Wead.

By paying for this rather amateurish attack ad, Ward's opened the door to negativity. Considering the extremely disturbing circumstances that he was run out of the Bay area out of - his own employees revolted and risked their jobs to circulate a petition to stop his arrogant hatefulness - Ward should know he's got way too much baggage hidden in the closet to play this sort of game.

I've met both Mr. Schweikert and Mr. Ward, and for a while there I was torn between who to vote for. After reading this, I know for certain who I'll be casting my vote for.

You can't just come in and blatantly lie about someone, and then expect my vote. I've spoken to both of these candidates at length, and I initially found them to be good, upstanding men. Apparently, I was wrong about Ward.

I'll be casting my vote for Schweikert.

By the way, excellent analysis. I love points 1 and 4.

I am very disappointed. I was supporting Jim Ward because although David seems like a good fellow Mr. Ward seemed to have a new name and the organization to beat Mr. Mitchell.

I have not received this piece in the mail yet, but it is NOT what I expect from someone who wants my vote. It has caused me to do more research on Mr. Ward and I am VERY troubled now. It appears that Mr. Ward is not what I thought he was. We Arizonans can be trusting but once you show you're not worthy of that trust we don't forget. The Pelosi-Ward connection is troubling as well. I regret I can no longer support him.

Amateurish mistake by a carpetbagging candidate.


Does Jaguar Jim stay in AZ when he loses the primary or does he head back to SF?

What's the surprise? Sleezy SanFran powerbroker tries to sabotage race against Mitchel and goes negative?

Is ANYONE shocked by this? I'm just surprised he made so many mistakes in his flyer, he's got the $$$ to hire a proofreader.

David Schweikert IS NOT a career politician, but he is a guy WHO HAS SERVED my community.

And I've watched him build successful businesses, serve in elected office two times in the past 30 years, and start a family.

Jim Ward just moved here and wants to be a career politican. He needs to stop making it so special that John Shadegg endorsed him. Shadegg was one of the GOP sellouts who voted for TARP. JIM WARD WOULD DO THE SAME.

Jim Ward is a San Francisco mole and is bought and paid for by out of state moderates who want anmesty, gay marriage, free trade, and abortions. He'll say anything to get elected. But look at his record, his donors, his friends, and what he says beyhind closed doors and you'll be SHOCKED!

David Schweikert is the product of the Scottsdale Public School System... elementary through High school. He received both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from ASU. He has lived and worked in Arizona nearly his entire life... from his first jobs at the PV Country Club parking cars and at the Windmill Dinner Theater washing dishes, his tireless service as a real estate agent and then broker, to his service in the State Legislature and as Maricopa County Treasurer.... David is one hard working Arizonan who has the best interest at heart of all of the residents in CD5. We could not ask for a better representative and I will proudly vote for him!!

Ditto to all above comments. As a 30 Year Arizonan I say NOOO to a San Francisco transplant wanta bee. I say NOOO to a candidate without experience. I say NOOO to a big businessman who thinks that bragging about working for George Lucus impresses me. Sounds a bit LIBERAL to ME!

(PS - Small businessmen like David impress me...I've been married to a small businessman for 34 years!!)

Why don't you mention that of all the money David has "collected," over $300,000 is from Schweikert and his family, and that he is $500,000 in debt; that David has had nothing but lackluster jobs in the private economy and Ward has experience managing over 900 people; why don't you mention that Ward was married in Arizona and that his father-in-law started the Goldwater institute? Talk about lies and misrepresentations. Shweikert is a loser.

He has a proven track record, and down to earth morals that we can trust. I trust Schweikert with MY future...and the future of our country!

More implied tenure riding on his wife's coat-tails and his father in laws. What has that got to do with Jim Ward being an Arizona resident. My sister got married in Arizona, she was here all of 2 weeks, should she run?

As far as the father in law, since when do Mr. Cotton's views automatically apply to his son in law.
Jaguar Jim is a carpetbagger. How much is he paying to buy a Arizona congressional seat?

Jim Ward is kind of a jerk... His campaign slogan is a lie. The WSJ foxnews has not called him the anti-establishment outsider. He is desperate and he knows it.

Jim Ward has cut more jobs than he created. He really doesn't understand people... Or Arizona.

Bryan Johnson,

Schweikert is a business owner with his own capital. Ward is a businessman who deals with other people's money. He never met a payroll, George Lucas did.

Just as Jim Ward is willing to put $130K into his campaign, Schweikert has invested in his campaign too.

Would it make you feel better if David and Joyce wrote off their debt tomorrow. Because they can. They are fiscal conservatives who have their own capital to invest.

Unfortunately, Jim Ward spent all his money on Jaguars, expensive property in CA & AZ, and doesn't have anything left to put into his own race. So... now Ward is trying to get a $500,000 line of credit with his father-in-law as the cosigner. Know that this is 100% ILLEGAL. The money can only come from Jim or Dawn. If the Cottons comply they will go to jail.

Congressman like Trent Franks have carried large debt loads for their campaign for years. Like Schweikert, the money came from Trent, not a daddy-in-law-war-bucks. So start hitting Franks too please if you really think it's an issue. Then hit Jim Ward because he spent all his money on expensive property that drained all his capital away from his campaign.

When Jim Ward looses, it will be Jim Ward's fault, because he ran a horrible campaign and spent his money like a liberal.

I'll do your research for you anytime Bryan. Get over it or use your brain.

Call me Susan.

someone seriously needs to tell ward that a business is NOT the same as a congressional seat, and this is especially true for him specifically. coming from sanfran there is no way he is anywhere near qualified to deal with the specific issues of arizona. he saw a problem from a distance, and maybe even projected some of sanfranciscos problems on arizona. arizona has very specific issues that san francisco hasn't had to deal with. yes, we may need an outsider for this seat, but two things. 1) jim ward is an outsider to arizona local government, not just washington. he will do nothing to help arizona because he doesnt know what we want or need. 2) (as jim ward continuously points out) david lost the last two times... WHICH MAKES HIM AN OUTSIDER TO NATIONAL POLITICS. i believe that its now or never for district 5 to elect a republican. everyone is angry with the current state of our government, and arizona is primarily red to begin with. if we're going to have reform, we need a good POLITICIAN, not a good sales clerk that knows george lucas.


By your logic, Brittany Spears can run from Congress because she got married there. Also by your logic you'd probably vote for her too. I have to wonder if you are the same person who wrote the mailer.


Wow. I missed all that - I threw mine in the trash before reading the whole thing.
JT - I love the "Harry Pelosi" reference! lol

Why would any Republican not living in the Bay Area vote for someone from SAN FRANCISCO? I would not trust someone from that place, especially a guy who leans on John McAmnesty. Schweikert is one of us. He is the man. David did a great job as Treasurer, and will serve us well in Congress. Mitchell is burnt toast. Let's feed him to the pigeons - maybe not. They will gag.

Jim Ward has had a problem with facts for some time. On his web page under immigration issues, he states: "In addition, immigration will be an important economic driver to us in the future. We will face a labor shortage in this country. Our current birthrate of 1.6 children per family is far below the sustainability rate of 2.1, a rate that will leave us with a deficit of workers." As I told him in an email I sent in May (in which I provided references to back up my assertion), the U.S. "birthrate," has never been as low as 1.6. Current government estimates put the statistic he is trying to quote as approximately 2.05 children per family. Moreover, "birthrate" is a misnomer. The statistic to which he is referring is "fertility rate." This country is growing by leaps and bounds due to both births and immigration. Its population was below 300 million as recently as the second quarter of 2006. Today, July 23, 2010, the U.S. census bureau estimates the U.S. population to be almost 309 million. Notice to Jim: We don't need workers, we need JOBS!

congressman david schweikert,now that has a nice ring to it. i can't wait to be in the winners circle come november!

just remember jim ward, that aloha means hello and goodbye..

I'm impressed. Most of you did your homework. I would just like to add that I did my homework, too. That is why I have been doing volunteer work for his campaign.

I would just like to add that he also has some crucial qualities sorely lacking in Washington. Those qualities are principles and integrity. Look at where we are now because of that deficit.

This reads a bit like the Jesse Kelly hit piece mailer I got the other day, which attacked Jonathan Paton.

In Kelly's defense, the headings on his mailer aren't as nasty, and they're subject-oriented (Government Spending, Border Security, Tort Reform). But, when you read his description of Paton's actions on these issues, they're pretty negative.

Following Greg's logic, I guess Kelly is in trouble in CD8?

jim ward is one of those "chameleon" type guys, usually found in singles bars, who become whatever is most expedient for the moment, to fool their prey and conquer. but az 5 is actually more sophisticated than he planned, maybe because it's almost all urban. he probably looked at what rick renzi did and thought, "shoot, i could do that, those dumb arizonans won't take too close a look at who i really am." but these days voters have blogs like this to do what the media used to do: expose candidates for who they really are. so thanks greg, for providing this forum, to let people know this guy doesn’t actually stand for anything except getting himself elected somewhere for something. if he really was serious about a future here, he should have run for the state house or state senate, or city councilman. but, like the guy at the singles bar, he’s not looking for a long term relationship with cd 5 residents – we’re just his cheap one-night stand before he moves on to something else.

There are a lot of things that can be said negatively about Jim Ward and his "hit piece" but I would rather take the high road, as David Schweikert has done during this entire campaign, and say some positive things about David.

I have personally known David for almost 20 years. He is a member of my church and a brother knight in our Knights of Columbus council. I have always known him to be a person of the highest integrity and ethics.

That being said, I can then point out some of the accomplishments he has attained during his service to the people of our state.

As State Representative, he managed the campaign to establish the single-subject rule in the House which provided a degree of transparency to legislation that prevented pet-project "earmarks" to be hidden in unrelated bills.

As County Treasurer, which he was recruited to run for, he redesigned the property tax bills so that I and other tax payers could see exactly where our money was going. The new tax bills show every taxing authority and how much of my dollars they are receiving. I know a lot of taxing districts were upset after being "exposed" through this transparency (that word again), but I know where my county taxes are beind spent and can ask some hard-hitting questions if I don't like it or feel that my money is being used wisely.

For these and many other reasons, this is the kind of person I want representing me in Congress.

If you look at what David (and people like Patterson, Killian and Bee)were able to accomplish as FRESHMEN and newer legislators back in the 90's for Arizona, there is no doubt that David Schweikert knows what it takes to come into, organize and turn upside down again a caucus and a legislative body. That is exactly what he will do in washington. To organize the caucus through outreach and then amend the house rules and fundamentally reform the appropriators is what it is going to take to get our country back. David knows this and will do it in D.C. just like he did at the state capitol.

In general, just too much text. No one is going to read it.

The mailer was not good nor effective.

However, the Schweikert workers and their multiple comments on this post and their talking point hits in the comments are not exactly brilliant or upstanding either.

The Schweikert campaign's negative talking points are silly and ridiculous. That's why he lost to Harry Mitchell last cycle.

Ward is not a politician - this mailer proves it.

Schweikert is first and foremost a politician.

The fact that Ward put out a bad mailer hardly disqualifies him to be a good representative of the people.

Being a good politician will not make you a good representative of the people. The fact that you can loan yourself more money for your campaign will not make you a better representative for the people.

Jim Ward's volunteers are the nicest people you'll ever want to meet. He and his wife are warm and lovely people who have two lovely daughters. He would make a strong advocate for the people.

Having a consultant who puts out a bad mailer is interesting, but in the end, irrelevant to the most important thing - electing a good person to Congress.

"Jim Ward's volunteers are the nicest people you'll ever want to meet. He and his wife are warm and lovely people who have two lovely daughters. He would make a strong advocate for the people."

So, if I assemble nice as pie volunteers and am warm and lovely, does that qualify me to run for Congress?

A nice tribute to Ward, Travis, really it is. But the carpetbagger label is almost too difficult for Ward to overcome. Game over.

The Wards' supporters are good people. Nobody is refuting that. In fact, it is a point that must be made!

We must remember, that Jim Ward pledged not to go negative. It was his early justification for running. "I'm Jim Ward and I pledge to run a clean campaign." I was very attracted to him as a possible candidate to support.

Jim Ward violated his pledge this week delivering the first attack. And, only because you may find it of interest: I work at a mail shop, and Jim Ward's mailer cost north of $40,000. So, it's not just some consultant - - this was something Jim spent a lot of thought putting together. Consultants don't just write these pieces on their own - they are products of a campaign, and Jim is in charge of his campaign.

Jim Ward went nasty. He broke a promise to the district. The supporters he has left should be incredibly disappointed!

I've been to the Ward's home. Of course, Lulubelle isn't my real name. But, I've been a volunteer for the Wards. I like them very much. We've had lots of fun evenings together. I did decide not to do a video for them. And I'm glad I made that decision, because I've come to the conclusion that Jim isn't the right pick for this job.

I've heard Jim Ward tell too many people to go to his website, and I don't want a website to be my Congressman.

More Schweikert worker posts I see. If you're not going to vote for a candidate who does a negative piece, then you will not be voting in this election. Schweikert always does an vicious negataive whisper campaign. If the polls were closer, Schweikert would be doing a mailer hit on Ward - no doubt - best indication of future actions are past actions. Instead the Schweikert campaign is doing a nasty whisper campaign and pretending to be postive. This is how he lost last time - people didn't like Bitter-Smith, but they didn't want to support David either because he was so negative - either in nasty hit pieces or in equally nasty whisper campaigns. He lost a lot of supporters from last time because of this. I personally know of workers he lost this time, too, because of this.

Negative/comparison mailers are a part of campaigns, but it's the viciousness that turns people off. Just read what the Schweikert people have written here to see what I mean.

Lying on a mailer shows (1) communicating without checking the facts, (2) not in control of his own campaign staff, and/or (3) low ethics. None of these three puts the candidate in a good light. Ignorant, weak,and/or lying. Not what I would want in Congress.

Just got an email from the Schweikert campaign with the subject line "Beating Harry and the San Francisco Liberal" - I was all ready to call shenanigans on the Schweikert supporters until I read the email and realized he was just talking about Pelosi.


Travis, looks like you and Jim Ward are outnumbered here. Sorry, just a fact. Something Ward seems to have trouble with...facts.

Btw, I live CD6 and don't work for any candidate.

Travis, Are you sure you are not a Democrat? You have the blame everyone else routine down pat. (Bush did it, Bush did it) David's workers and David are bad, they are picking on poor little Jimmy. Stop whining. Jim is no saint. He is arrogant and bullying in person if you challenge him.

I have no dog in this fight and do not care who wins, as long as they beat Mitchell, but Greg's constant, over the top shilling for his best friend Schweikert (who seems to run for office every two years, going back to my childhood) diminishes an otherwise reputable site.

What a pity I miss seeing all those gorgeous knits! Thanks for sharing the photos.

I don’t have anything else to include on to your article – you basically spelled everything out. great read.

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