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I wonder if Ward is going to ask for a refund from his consultants since they had to rely on SCHWEIKERT'S team tearing the previous mailer to shreds to make these corrections.

Now I'm scared.

This guy really thinks he can buy an election.

Last time this happened in AZ voters went for Karen English over the Republican carpetbagger.

Mitchell is weak, but there's no way Ward can beat him. Moderates and Dems will see right through his game, and we need some of them to win. They at least know David is a native.

Ward thinks if he wins the primary he gets the seat, but all his support is coming from paid workers and that won't be enough against Harry.

Millionaire Ward needs to stop being such a tool.

Ward loses to Congressman Mitchell by 10. That's clear.

Hometown Harry Mitchell vs. the San Francisco cocktail-cruiser Jim Ward, a politician wana-be with no conviction.

Jim Ward is a liar. He's done.

I am a Schweikert supporter and I am happy that Schweikert decided not to throw negative campaigning back at Ward. As my dear old daddy would say, "Don't argue with an idiot, they will only bring you down to your level and then beat you with experience." Schweikert simply has to be himself and tell the people what he can do for them and for America and he will cruise to victory!
-Captain America

So much for Ward's promises to run a clean campaign.

Which is sadder, Ward paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to "consultants" who have never won a race?


That this is the best they can do, for all the money they've essentially stolen from him to sit around and ponder his race?

Somewhere, PT Barnum is smiling.

*their (not your)

I just received Ward's glossy flyer. There is no mention of two of the major concerns that Arizonans have: ObamaCare and illegal immigration. How could he not mention SB 1070? It seems that everybody in the world has an strong opinion, everybody except Jim Ward.

David has a long, admirable record and is well-known as a strong conservative, and the comparison between him Mr. Obama's Congressman Mitchell is stark.

As a Mac user I'd love to know how he helped make Apple a success. I always have thought it was the Steves, Jobs and Wozniak.

I think Greg should send them a bill. Jaguar Jimmy still doesn't get it.

He supports Fair Trade (better known as redistribution of wealth gloablly), Immersion for Illegals, what other liberal ideas does he bring from Pelosi Land? He won't beat Harry, he'll just join 'em. Oh, he already has as far as honesty.

HILARIOUS that the noble thinker has to take his cues from Patterson whipping up on his mail. Maybe he should spend more time focusing on Moak's campaign.

The fact is that IF the choices were Ward and Mitchell, Mitchell wins. He's already a proven left of center schill. Why trade in a good old used car you know when you might be stuck with a questionable old used car you don't?

Ward is going to hit with some more mail - he has to. And if the latest polling tells us anything, it tells us that he is going to have to narrow the gap between himself and frontrunner Schweikert - thus don't be surprised to see that David not only committed the Lindbergh kidnapping, but that he is also a notorious scoundrel and card carrying member of the London Underground. Hindenburg? Could have been him as well. Lindbergh, Hindenburg, iceberg - maybe he sunk the Titanic too.

Ward is toast - could have saved a lot of effort and just run for San Fransissy City Council with Nancy and Harry's blessing. GO HOME JIM WARD. We have a proven elected official in Schweikert and we know what he will do when elected - he has done this all before - unlike you, good sir. Further, we know what he will do when elected - exactly what he did in the offices he has held and that is what we are demanding - REFORM REFORM REFORM!

People like Shadegg and his backers have become part of the problem - no matter how well intentioned they started. His support for this man tells me all I need to know. Either we sweep the corruption out, or its time to start oiling the torches and sharpening the pitchforks. A good little bloody revolution never hurts every 235 years or so. Trust me, people like me are MAD and we are going to early ballot and vote on election day in DROVES...

Ward would lose to "Hometown Harry" and with dumb campaign tactics such as this I'd say that we Republicans need to support Schweikert. The big question for me is what does the Schweikert campaign do when Ward is flat-out lying about who you are & what you're all about?

After hearing David in a radio interview this past Saturday night I think he is the best man for CD5. Even if I can neglect the fact that Ward is throwing mud in a primary against a fellow Republican I still believe that David will have the districts best interest in mind when he goes to Washington.

If it wasn't for Ward marrying into a well known AZ political family there is NO WAY he would be getting any of these endorsements anyway. Whats more establishment then that... Since my Father-In-Law knows everyone that is anyone in the state of AZ and I live in CA I will move to AZ so the family name can get me more endorsements then I know what to do with. NOW THATS ESTABLISHMENT!!!

By the way, didn't Jim Ward promise not to run a negative campaign about a year ago?

It is so evident that Ward has no clue about what it takes to win. He has not a clue about what Arizonan's want or need in a Congressman. Basically, He is clueless. Wasn't there a movie about that? I'll ask Jim, he knows all those Hollywood types, He'll tell ya, even if you don't ask him.
He is such a name dropper. George Lucas, George Lucas....

I almost wonder if the Democrats put Ward up to running figuring he'd damage the Republican side with his money and divisive tactics.

Schweikert is probably not arguing with Ward because it would be like arguing with a child.

CD5 just needs to get behind the obvious candidate and get rid of Harry Pelosi. I cannot express how disappointed I am with "Nancy Pants" Mitchell.

If I want a SF candiadte, I'll move there. They already have Pelosi and can take back Ward.

It looks like Jim has been reading the esspresso pundit...maybe he should have hired this blog author to run the campaign instead of his current high priced consultants who are doing a really poor job.

Okay, Mr. Ward makes all of the changes suggested by the "Espresso Pundit" last week, except for the actual facts, reorganizes the brochure, reprints and mails to CD5 voters again, this week. Am I missing something here? Doesn't he realize that if I didn't believe his fabrication a week ago I'm not going to believe it this week? I think Mr. Ward has a pretty low opinion of his would be constituents.
My mamma always said there was no cure for stupid!

Jaguar Jim isn't winning so he resorts to negative campaigning. Desperate desperate...

I was initially interested in Jim Ward when I listened to his first town hall. But he obviously has lied about running a clean campaign. How many more lies are there? He has absolutely lost my vote.

I do not live in Dist 5, but if I did I would support David Schweikert. Jim Ward is the worse kind of carpet bagger, a California Democrat masquerading as a Republican. He has never donated to any Republican causes or candidates, then decides to become the next Hillary and move into a new State and a new District to run for office. Arizona will reject him, I think like Jim Deakin he is a plant of the Democrats.

Jim Ward has NEVER voted in a Republican primary in his life!

You do the research.

Not in California.

Not in Arizona. And he couldn't in Arizona, because he hasn't live here long enough...

It's funny how experience is now a bad thing. Are politicians supposed to quit at some magic time and then become something else? Will Jim Ward promise to quit after 3 terms like Flake did?

By the way, Jim Ward is not the only one. Some guy running in CD3 is acting like he would not stay in Congress forever... do you believe him? He will only keep his promise if it is convenient (i.e. a Senate or Governor opportunity opens)

Jim Torgeson, if the democrats put up Jim Ward, why is Shadegg endorsing him? I think that you need to think about your conspiracy a little harder.

By the way, aren't you a dem?

Jim Ward had a town hall meeting last night which I listened to and appeared to be scripted. Is this more of his consultants' ideas?

I understand that Ward took off the Fox news logo from his web site? I have heard that the scripts he reads from were written by Harry Mitchell's old staffer, that wrote emails for Harry? Where does Jim Ward get his ideas from?

Ward's website now says WSJ "singled him out as one of a handful of political newcomers with the potential to beat his Democratic opponent and shake up the established order in Washington".

He's posted the article to his website, but he's probably thinking (hoping) no one will actually read it. WSJ doesn't mention his name once, and they don't make a single mention of the AZ race at all. They put up his picture with a few details about his lack of experience, and then list facts about Mitchell.

Go to the WSJ site and check out the rest of the headline, which Ward conveniently left off... "Party Drafts Political Newcomers as Candidates in a Bid to Capitalize on Voters' Anti-Incumbent, Anti-Washington Mood" Not quite the rousing endorsement he's claiming.

I wish there was some way I could explain to the voters that inexperienced freshmen Congressmen will get eaten alive in DC. They want to make a huge immediate splash in a place carefully designed for incremental change. They don't pay attention to things like Seersucker Thursdays or Hawk & Dove, because they have no clue that DC is built on long-standing traditions that separate the men from the boys.

If you win by saying you're not a politician, then you're nothing but a demagogue.

David, stay classy and on-message, and you got this in the bag.

i just don't think ward has made a case for why we should vote for him. the reason schweikert lost in '08 was the financial crash, otherwise he probably wins or it's very close. this time will be different, in part thanks to charlie wrangel's accepting the role of this cycle's mark foley. at least foley resigned and tried to act with some decency and responsibility. but then again, that's the difference between us and them: we condemn our own and force them out, they defend their own and try to save them. geez, that sorvino guy is a train wreck. i just voted for david today, and that was the most enthusiastic vote i've cast since reagan in '80. two principled conservatives - not bad company.

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