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Politico reports: “I don’t have any comment on this thing right now,” Quayle said when asked whether he wrote under the Brock pseudonym.


Seems to me it would be a pretty easy "NO" if he didn't have anything to do with it.

Typical Dookie. I wonder how many lacrosse parties he went to in college!

Guess the "potatoe" doens't fall far from the tree ...

And the poster doesn't know how to spell doesn't =)

It speaks to his ability to maintain relationships with friends. They appear to be disposable just like all those girls in Scottsdale he must have blown through. Maybe he could have used some of his own kids in that mailer after all.

The Republican Party (where are you Randy Pullen?) better get this cleared up immediately. With Quayle out, who's the benefactor in Cd 3? And the ultimate winner?

Ron J,

The major problem is with early voting by the time this is confirmed and with the limited resources of the others it might be too late anyway...

The benefactor is Hulburd, Nancy Pelosi and Obama... Granted this likely only last 2 years but it just makes it hardfor the GOP to take back the house...

"who will go on to be crushed in 2012 by Jim Waring or Dean Martin."

Nope. Wrong. 2010 is the last election in CD3 as we know it now. You, espressopundit, have no more idea how those lines will be redrawn than the rest of us. Hulburd, Waring and Martin could be in 3 different districts in 2012 for all we know.

Look, if you have unreliable information you'd release it just in time to affect the vote but not in time for the round two blowback. With early ballots, this information, true or otherwise, was released at precisely the right time to hurt Quayle and help the opponents.

At least three of the CD3 candidates are PV residents. It's pretty much a guarantee that PV will be split up as much or more than it is now in any redistricting. No one would let any one candidated have access to all that cash, the redis people won't let that happen. Democracy, and all that, you know?

Elbridge Gerry, you've got mail!

I smell a rose.

After 'not remembering' whether he helped out with the incorporation, then he remembered.

After denying he had anything to do with the site, and then denying that he wrote for it, now he remembers that he wrote 'a few posts'.

Ben: Just shut up and withdraw from the race. If you have political ambitions, go accomplish something and come back in a few years.

Please, this is pretty funny and if you read the entire story from start to finish like I did, you will be embarrassed you even posted your ignorance! The guy said denied creating the website, and who really cares anyway. I care about the issues, not about a few articles a guy posted a few years back. If you look into it, you will realize this was nothing more then pure mud slinging. if this is the worst they have on this kid, I say he has a pretty good chance-


So what's not bad about it again? This is not something he did many years back as a kid... The dirty was started in early 2008... A little over 2 years ago! This is recent. These posts demean and objectify women. The DCCC is going to have a field day with this, so you might not care but the voters of CD-3 will once the democratic party is done with him. He is endangering a safe GOP seat. Its pretty pathetic

Hey, Greg, I request permission to revise my earlier comments. This is a big nothing story. So a single guy was "grading" pictures of hot chicks for a website lampooning the Scottsdale bar scene. The only mistake Quayle made (when are people going to learn?) was denying it. It's no big deal. He should have made fun of himself about his participation in the deal. (BTW: How do I get a gig like that?)

An act of desperation was Quayle electing to use the word “boy” in the statement – “national poster boy” as oppose to national poster child, a familiar platitude. Quayle played to the racial appetite of the people. As a volunteer, I’ve been making campaign calls for Vernon and recently had a man say, we already have a Black man in the Capitol, we don’t need another.

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