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I would respect liberals a lot more if they were honest about their beliefs. Instead, they pretend to be conservatives in front of voters.

They don't even want to call themselves "Liberals" anymore, now it's "Progressive". Too many people know what it means to be a Liberal, so they have to morph into something new.

Cherny is a joke and he's in the wrong state, he should be running in somewhere like Vermont. Fortunately, he'll will lose by double digits.

Hopefully that will deflate some of his enormous ego.

That article is 15 years old! What were you doing during your college years??? I'm so sick of these partisan attacks. If you actually listened to what Cherny says, he's not changing any rules and he's more right wing than our dubious Republican nominee. His book has been praised by Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich--not sure anyone has accused them of supporting leftists. He backs up his investment plans and they're obviously not risky--again, if you pay some attention. I'm a lifelong Republican who will be voting for Brewer, Horne and Cherny.

Jerry, I predict that Democrats will be flocking to Republican businessman Doug Ducey. I mean, Andrei is so right-wing, it's frightening. Just look at his bio: "Andrei has provided policy and strategy advice to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid...Andrei was the lead negotiator and chief drafter of the national 2000 Democratic Party Platform...He worked in the Clinton White House as a senior advisor to Vice President Al Gore and served as a part-time advisor to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign helping to write Obama’s campaign policy book, Change We Can Believe In." Chilling for liberals.

Evict Dimocrats 2010

Almost forgot...Kyrsten Sinema is hosting a fundraiser for him next week.

The Hill political blog

Are Democrats really that out of touch?
By Sabrina L. Schaeffer -

"Perhaps the biggest problem for Democrats this election season is not their legislative record, but their apparent disconnect from the values and primary concerns of the American public.

A survey commissioned by the Independent Women’s Voice and conducted by Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen in mid-September found that 81 percent of independents say the federal government and Washington lawmakers are out of touch with Americans like themselves."

That sign is more truthful than the Democrats meant it to be.

The large bite is out of our wallets...

I have kept a close eye on Andrei Cherny since he began his campaign. In the Arizona constitution the state treasurer is charged to invest its funds in safe and prudent securities.


Mr. Cherny seems to think that is close enough to authorize him to create a Government venture capital fund (much like Terry Goddard is promoting).

I would not invest $10 billion dollars with a firm that Mr. Cherny headed. I hope that Arizona voters will take notice of his imprudent investment plans and vote for a candidate committed to safe and prudent investing.

Nick, those are some deep comments.

Thane, you're close to the mark.

Cherney's plan - apparently stealing from financial guru Goddard - is to create A Giant Green Energy Fund ™ which would be so safe that no natural force could destroy it. Since solar power is so abundant in AZ, it shouldn't take more than a few* billion dollars more to get the proper technology in the pipeline (and the appropriate politicians grafted, of course) to make this the wave of the future.

But what about ongoing funding, you say? He would then create another government backing arm, to which a different arm would funnel funds, thereby making it financially sound, and not subject to drawdown, or any traditional market forces, for that matter.

See, when government insures government, what could possibly go wrong?

*Few not guaranteed.

Actually ran into him at the gate to the ASU game he was campaigning. Told him I didn't like the signs, or any signs. Its a shame since Ducey is such a bag of slime mold. Again, its a contest where I don't vote for either.

Andrei! Comrade! drop by so we can remember good times! Just like old days in the motherland, Da!

Ah! Kyrsten would look very good in workers paradise fur hat, coat and boots, reminds me of my last wife, but she had to go to Gulag, on 'fact finding mission', and did not return.

Must get ticket to fundraiser, but leave cash in car.

Maybe all that Soviet fur would make her loose support from Peta though..

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