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I will say in two out of three districts this makes perfect sense... Giffords is doing better than expected... They thought she would be going up against Paton... Now she is going up against an underfunded tea partier with her huge war chest. She is doing better than expected...

Also I hadnt thought about this but for Kirkpatrick this makes a lot of sense...."Also working in Kirkpatrick's favor is a Navajo Nation election, to be held on Nov. 2, that appears alongside the House race on the ballot. Navajos vote overwhelmingly for Dems, which makes Dem strategists optimistic that Kirkpatrick will benefit from a boost in turnout. About one in 5 AZ 01 voters are Native American."

And where do you get 12 points down? One had him down 6 one had him down 8 and they are both conservative polling groups. I would not be surprised if the DCCC poll showed the opposite and now with Schweikert violating campaign laws with his first ad, he will have to spend top dollar for all his ads as opposed to before when he could buy cheaply.

So I honestly think this whole article could be dead. The article even has where the Dems are actually admitting they are giving up on some districts like in Illinois. If that was the case here why not just say admit it like they did in other districts if as you say Mitchell is an old 70 year old in GOP district and is not worth keeping??

The one thing you cannot accuse the Democrats of being are hypocrites. Clearly, the party that advocates for euthanasia also practices it.

If only they could be so fiscally conservative with taxpayers' money...

David Schweikert is a sleaze and his campaign is only helping Mitchell gain more momentum because of David's stupidity in breaking simple campaign rules and his scumbagness in taking foreclosed homes from families. This is the kind of stuff that turns people off from candidates. By doing this he is opening the door for a bigger Mitchell victory than in 2008. That is why you aren't seeing as much money from the DCC right now. Mitchell's campaign is doing better than expected.

I just got polled by what was obviously a Mitchell paid for poll. It was hilarious the questions were so slanted, I expected "would you vote for Schweikert if you knew, for a fact, he eats babies"

Sad part is, I really don't like Schweikert, not at all, he creeps me out, nor do I like Mitchell, I plan on leaving the ballot blank, they both suck.

Wow Greg, the Mitchell folks (Nicole D) will now on your site every day spewing sewage.
When you can't win on the issues....

I love how the Mitchell gremlins spread mud, because that's all they got!

i might be a chicken, but i ain't stupid

i love how nobody can save mitchell this time around. not joe biden, not barack obama, not even nancy pelosi. the aflcio is out, the national dems are out, even the NEW YORK TIMES is saying Mitchell will lose:


--your beloved chicken schmitt

Wow, "johnny", "Nicole" and "Dr. Lao" posting the same garbage once again that they just posted on Sonoran Alliance.

Johnny -> Shut up. Please. For the past year, you've been playing the "I'm a Republican and I want the Republicans to win but David's a bad candidate" act. You also repeatedly said that you would support David if he won the primary. Since then, you've posted negative after negative complaint about David. It's obvious you hate the guy. I just wish you would come clean about your motivation, since your story seems to change every other day.

Nicole and Lau: Ah, welcome, our new little Democratic friends! I assume that you are Mitchell supporters, since you've suddenly magically materialized on every Republican blog in the state it seems and you're spreading outright lies. Well, Nicole is - "David throws families out of homes" - Lao just seems to try to spread demoralizing doom about how "creepy" Schweikert is.

Everyone knows by now that BANKS foreclose on people, not investors like David. David buys properties that are already for sale. BANKS foreclose on people, because thanks to Mitchell's sadistic bank-loving legislation, they no longer have motivation to work with homeowners - beginning foreclosure proceedings guarantees a check from the Federal Government under Mitchell's creative lobbyist-inspired legislation.

David has never cost a family a home. Harry has backed legislation that has resulted in banks throwing people on the street.

harry mitchell and his folks can read polls too. so he is a desperate candidate, and i think we can expect these irrelevant and overreaching attacks as long as he's still punching. he's behind on all the cards and needs a knockout, and he's not going to get one. the problem is twofold: first, schweikert is a good person and second, he is on the correct side of the issues. enough people know schweikert and his character, both personally and through his previous service and from living in the community. say what you will about the guy, he is genuinely a person of honesty and comes across that way. and it's tough to attack him on acting improperly with regard to his real estate activities, because there's nothing to it that gives legs to the story. where's the first person testimonial about him taking someone's home? now that would potentially be powerful and might make the attack effective, but you can't find that person since he buys the homes from banks. and it's good business for the community, so that attack is weak. and on the issues, mitchell is in trouble, the kind that won't go away, with the health care vote. it's still incendiary. it trumps all the attacks on schweikert. i like that fact that schweikert has a alot of volunteers because these are people who know him personally and by helping they are in essence vouching for his person and his character. as with most challengers, the voters are trying schweikert on and they apparently like the fit. so he'll pick up undecideds toward the end. he'll win 50 to 44, that's my guess.

Excuse me, I am a republican, I am in CD5.

OK, I don't much like Dave, and I certainly don't like Harry.

So spin some paranoid conspiracy theory, if it gets you through the day, ok.

The paranoiac rantings of some are just bizzare

I'm a Democrat and I'm not voting for Mitchell. I don't think that's a conspiracy at all. I think it means that our country is headed in the wrong direction!

Dr. Lao,

Can I have your ballot? I'll be glad to fill that blank spot for CD-5 and still have a good conscience!

Wow, you Mitchell people are getting pretty desperate. Actually, it's kind of fun to watch!

Steve, a large part of why I post the things I do is people here are talking like these races are over! That mitchell is done... If the grassroots supporters really think this race is over and then therefore do not help david as much we willl be screwed and end up with moew years of mitchell. Pushing the narrative that mitchell is toast is pointless, especially when we know the truth is not what the NRCC or the DCCC write, its somewhere in the middle.

So will I support david, sure, but am I going to say mitchell is done? No way, we are talking about a guy who has been a politician for 30 years or so and doesn't lose elections, people like you greg, DSW and all the others are idiots if you count him out.

You will notice lots of my posts on SA say like we need to make sure we keep fighting, that's why I attack david the way I do. Is that motivation enough for yah?

Since I know both candidates, I find it odd that anyone would say either is a scumbag. Neither is. What bothers me about Mitchell is that his last name might as well be Pelosi.

I have seen the video where he's waiting for Pelosi to tell him which voting card to drop. It really saddened me. I was hoping he would be a common sense moderate / conservative Democrat. Instead, Mitchell's a minion. Mitchell doesn't have a mind of his own nor even come close to who we thought we elected 4 or 2 years ago. When you want to see the man behind the mask, all you really need to do is look at Pelosi.

David seems to represent the values of more of this district and has a better fiscal head on his shoulders. While I'm sure we disagree on many topics, at least he's not "union owned" or "Pelosi's Lapdog" like Mitchell. At least we know who we are voting for. He's not wearing a mask like Mitchell.

We need to have someone in place that won't lock step with Pelosi. David Schweikert is that candidate.

the DCCC just conceded that Mitchell is done. why else would they leave him out to dry. the NYT, all the Hill papers, and even rumors from DNC staffers say Mitchell is gone.

The Dems need to protect seats in CT, much less AZ.


Paul Revere

I think Mitchell knows that he is done as well. If he really wanted to fight to keep the seat we would see him here, having town halls, and attending events in the community. However, the guy is AWOL. His absence speaks volumes...stick a fork in him, he is done!

Paul Revere, get ready for another round of comments from johnny now that he's back at work at his government job. He doesn't care that it's breaking the law to post about campaigns from his government computer at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, he'll do anything to help his boss Harry Mitchell. Mitchell encourages it, not that breaking the law has ever bothered Mitchell before when he stole his opponent's campaign signs. It is despicable that our tax dollars are going to pay this government employee to sit on his butt all day and work on political campaigns.

one if by land, two if by sea

less than 40 points if you voted for ObamaCare, Wall Street bailouts, and failed stimulus

THE DCCC's evacuation is the shot heard round the district.

bye bye Harry, enjoy your 4 government pensions paid for by the grandkids of your former students. what a great lesson

Paul reverie,

If that's really the best thing you can say is that I am a dem party plant then I know I must be closer to the truth.

You fail to understand how an ad buy works by the NRCC or DCCC, they usually reserve more money than they intend to use. They announced they are not going to use all the money. So if in the end they use 800k of the 1.2 mil they reserved is that abandoning mitchell? I think its pretty pathetic how little you get this and how anyone who does toe the line is a plant. I see how the mccain people felt. And you can ask steve or dsw or the others I was a huge JD fan, I wished he had gotten into the CD-5 race it was a better fit for him.

So yeah a democratic party plant that loves JD hayworth... That makes a lot of sense.

I thought you were a Mitchell fan... part of the mindless walking zombie liberal follower crowd? You know, the people that think Mitchell has an original thought.

Mitchell does not think he just does what Nancy and friends tell him to do. David Schweikert has a mind of his own and common sense ways to create jobs and turn around the economy. He knows what it takes to run a business and where free markets can take us. David wants more freedom for everyone. Harry wants us to fall in line and follow his paternalistic line.

johnny loves JD - how classic. you truly are a beefcake. if you loved jd it's because he voted for multi-trillion dollar government run healthcare plans before obama made them cool. and he supported big government education. johnny, you said you'd support schweikert. put up or shut up, because your split hairs over schweikert are obvious to anyone who is watching your ip addresses like a hawk. bye for now

off to fight the british at bunker hill


I love how you did not even try to refute what I said about the DCCC ad buys. Maybe you should try reading the articles fully the first time and not just reading what Greg puts in a headline.

By the way I hope you realize that the Americans lost bunker hill... The British took it after 3 assaults on the hill. So you arent actually fighting off the british. You are retreating.

"Giffords is doing better than expected... They thought she would be going up against Paton... Now she is going up against an underfunded tea partier with her huge war chest. She is doing better than expected..."

It speaks volumes that the NRCC isn't putting money into the Kelly campaign. They aren't going to waste money backing a loser.

And it makes perfect sense that the DCCC isn't putting money into the Giffords campaign since she really doesn't need any outside help.

If Kelly wins in CD8, it'll be a MAJOR upset.

buddy, when the DCCC sheds its ad buys abandoning Mitchell for the early ballots, that says just about everything we need to know about who our next Congressman is going to be.

johnny's a turn-coat, i knew it. why would you knock America. we lost our way to winning a revolution. it started by a fairly battered band of patriots joining together to fight the high-tax establishment. sound familiar.


It has nothing to do with knocking america. Its about knowing your history. People who dont study history are doomed to repeat it. It also took the colonists 8 years to win the revolutionary war, so if you want to make comparisons you are saying the Dems are going to be in power for 6 more years and Obama will a 2 term president. NO THANKS

Digress much?

How I love the unions and the Dems right now... very smart on their parts to keep their money for viable candidates. Goodbye Harry! Hello David!! That makes me so happy!

Two Republican sponsored polls show Schweikert up by single digits, he is going to get outspent 3-4:1 from here on out, he is running against a guy who has built up 40 years of good will (I went to a tiny, non political block party a year ago and Harry actually showed up and shook every hand), the registration advantage helped Schweikert to a double digit loss last time and on these facts, Greg is saying it's over. Don't quit your day job, Greg. You guys need to quit measuring curtains for your condos on the Potomac and get out there and work like there's a good chance you will lose, because there really is. No one would be happier than me to see Harry "I'm just like you except I voted for the stimulus" Mitchell put away for good, but smug over confidence seven weeks out is not the way to get it done.

if Schweikert wins, i'm pretty sure he'll sleep on a cot and work on the budget. he's not the condo type

Steve F, a major upset just like when Kelly won the primary. If the NRCC is backing away from Kelly why is Minority Leader John Boehner hosting a fundraiser for Kelly this Friday?


Ooff! my red star is spinning from all these back and forth comments!!

Harry needs to come home to the motherland for 'training', after that he will be able to say whatever with a straight face, like: I am an INDEPENDANT and I will only vote for what my constituents want!!'

(Maybe he's thinking of his constituents at the UA campus dorms only?!)

Hopefully Harry will be able to spell independent correctly and not all in caps.

Harry Mitchell is such a tool. Let's see, he voted for Obamacare, the let's-get-wall-street-off-the-hook bailout, the gigantic stimulus plan and other stuff. Just hang a "friend of Goldman Sachs" sign around Harry and he is done for. Just keep it up guys and don't let up on Harry Mitchell.

Kirkpatrick is as dead meat as Mitchell is. Navajo is no monolithic vote for the D's (Renzi did very well there) and her health care vote is cancer in the non-Native parts of Yavapai, Apache, Navajo, Graham, Greenlee and Pinal counties. Gosar might even win by a larger margin than Schweikert does.

It is my sincerest hope that The Three Stooges lose this fall. If we can slow this march to huge government and huge debt, it will be a relief.

I have no idea why incrementalism is lost on so many politicians.

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