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It's so sad that newspapers have become propaganda.

Nothing on the Brewer-Goddard debate? Really? Tsk. Tsk.

Offshoot group: We are not Roman Catholics.
Real Bishop: They are not Roman Catholics.
Republic: Yes they are.

I saw that article and agree that title was ridiculous. Transparent and shameless attempt to sensationalize a story based on a false premise.

Here's a local Catholic blog's take on the non-ordination of a non-priest, akin to the analysis offered in your Harvard appointment:


Harvard professor! I am impressed. During my glory days at ASU we always referred to it as the "Harvard of the West"

I did Catholic school k-12 here in PHX, the nuns made quite an impression on me. One of them is about 12 inches long down my back, damn those steel rulers!

Your take on the story seems valid. Your increasingly frequent gay-bashing is getting tiresome, though (i.e., last week's Jim Kolbe post). There are other motivations for peoples actions than just their sexual identity. Your fixation on that above all else is weird.

My (deceased) grandfather has a Hahvahd degree.

I have some others. From better schools.


Wanna buy a degree?


Mike Crowe

Sorry, Crow (eeevil):


Dear Algore:

Can we recycle our Nobels?


Paul Krugman

PS, Joe Stiglitz is wondering if there's a volume discount?

A female priest is called a "Priestess"

The gov does not have a corner on embarrassing public speaking moments.

Give it a rest, Robert.

I'm glad you wrote about this, because it really irked me when I saw that headline.

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