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Only a kind and benevolent God could rid Arizona of the scourge known as Grijalva. :)

I find it ironic that you continuously make fun of the Arizona Republic, yet the company continuously lets you on its show. I think it is because you proofread (or do not proofread) as well as the Arizona Republic's writers.

Grijalva by 20.

I can't wait to see the source of the polling showing Grijalva being deciamted by McClung. I realize you want to build the suspense for Chris but damn sure would like a peak so we can get the word out in CD-7 in Pima County since our voters don't watch channel 12 in Phoenix. Can you help a fellow blogger out. I swear I'll embargo till Sunday am.

What do the polls say about Giffords v. Kelly?

Go Ruth!

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