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My wife & I received one of these mailers in CD8. It would have worked for them if it weren't for those dang kids & their trusty dog, Scooby Doo!

Actually, we had already voted for Kelly. I had to point out to my wife the little Democrat Party logo on the mailer after she had already set it aside.

Some of the problems with this mailer for the Democrats are: (A) nobody has ever heard of Stoltz; (B) this just makes Dems look bad; (C) this makes Gabby Giffords look like a bad candidate who's in a lot of trouble; (D) This makes us know that the State Democrat Party is very afraid of losing this election to Jesse Kelly.

Before, I wasn't too sure that Kelly would win. Now, I'd almost bet money that he'll take her out since Dems are so worried about him.

Was the mailing permit number the same on both pieces?

Well, Gabby wanted Jesse. She got what she wanted, this was supposed to be the easy route for her.

The Tucson Weekly dropped any pretense of objectivity and went nuclear on Jesse this week. That's how strong the level of panic is. They must know it doesn't look good for Gabby.

This mailer also proves that the Dems see her as vulnerable.

The Star is all out campaigning for her as well. I keep waiting for them to pick up this story ...

Yep, as the saying goes, you should be careful what you wish for. This desperate move by the Dems is a pretty clear indication that Giffords is losing. I attended a technology forum this week where both Kelly and Giffords spoke. She was awful - it was as if she had accepted her coming defeat.

What's equally disgusting is the "Libertarians" that go along with this.

The entire party is a joke, and this is coming from someone who considers themselves to be a Libertarian. I want less taxes and less government, so it's a no-brainer I would vote for candidates that want to stop Socialist Democrats.

It seems like the modern Libertarian party should be renamed the LIBERALtarian Party. They really don't have a coherent philosophy, they just want to spoil elections for Republicans, and they always seem to be buddy/buddy with Liberal Democrats.

More good news: I spoke to a Dem insider last week. He said they have conceded the losses of State Senate candidates Alvarez (to Griffin) and Aguirre (to Shooter). They also are not comfortbable with the slim lead Schapira has over Rogers. They are very concerned that Rios will lose to Smith. It's quite possible the Republicans will have 22 in the Senate. 22-8 R's over D's--just think about how sweet that sounds.

Looks like I spoke too soon, the Star decided to cover it. Please everyone check out the quote by the Dem:http://azstarnet.com/news/blogs/pueblo-politics/article_4ef17128-e38e-11df-8f6c-001cc4c03286.html?mode=story

The Republicans could eliminate spoiled elections by adopting ranked choice voting. Plurality voting is a spoiled system to begin with.


So, this is nothing like Republican efforts to recruit phony Green Party candidates in Tempe. Nothing at all.

Wow, what hyprocricy. Why hasn’t TruthAZ touted this as a sham candidate that takes votes away from the Republican? I get it. It’s not a sham because it takes votes away from a Republican and not the Democrat!

"Well, Gabby wanted Jesse. She got what she wanted, this was supposed to be the easy route for her."

Yup, and the state democratic party paid for "Payday Paton" signs to be placed behind and around Paton campaign signs during the Primary.

Hoist on their own petard, indeed.



Stunning. Keep up the great work, Greg.

Unfortunately it appears to have worked in CD8 (mainly in Pima county).

So far Kelly trails Giffords by 3000 votes (roughly) and Stoltz has received some 10K votes.

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