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First of all, Mitchell has not voted in "lock step" (get a new phrase by the way. this is really overused) with Pelosi. The US Chamber didn't think so when they gave him an award. Even the Club for Growth, who endorsed Schweikert, said he only voted with Pelosi 65% of the time - hardly in "lock step."

Also, every bill sponsored by Mitchell has had a republican cosponsor. That's reaching across the aisle.

Next, if you're trying to help Schweikert get the endorsement from the AZ Republic, you should tell him not to refer to their reporters and articles as "slanderous" on a live radio show.

And finally, if you're trying to convince people that Harry Mitchell is a bully, I hope you don't mind being laughed at because it's a ridiculous thing to say.

Forgive my ignorance, but I don't see what occurred to start the jeering.

Ah, I get it after reading your old post.

Jenn, Mitchell votes against the record of the day to have a different record than Pelosi. He actually will hold both cards, waiting for Pelosi to signal him if he can vote the way she needs.

He is not just lock step, he's stepped upon by Pelosi to do her bidding. When he votes against her, it is only to give him wiggle room when she sees fit.

I love how Democrats like Mitchell think that they are moderate or conservative Blue Dogs when they vote against their party 20% of the time instead of liberals that vote against their party 10% of the time.

If they were truly moderate they would vote against their party half of the time. Instead of just 20%.

Why can't liberals just be honest about what they believe.

Everyone knows that if Mitchell lived in a state like Vermont, he would have voted with Pelosi 100% of the time. Instead, he has to play this game of being a "moderate" and asking permission from Pelosi to vote against bills he believes in because it might let his constituents figure out that he's really a closet liberal.

Good riddance, Mitchell. The curtain has been pulled back.


That Mitchell had a Republican cosponsor on "every" bill he has introduced (You mean you actually looked up all of them?) is meaningless. Hayworth's bills had lots of Democratic cosponsors as well. On most issues, you can always find someone from the other party who'll sign on. It means nothing. By the way, Jenn, how many of those passed?

As for voting in lockstep with Pelosi, it is clear that on the really big issues, he did. He supported Obamacare, TARP, the stimulus, and the bailout of Freddie and Fannie. He also voted "No" on repealing the individual mandate under Obamacare. The 65% figure cited by Jenn is for economic issues only, but as you can see, on the really big economic issues he's with Pelosi. Futhermore, since Jenn apparetently puts so much stock in the Club for Growth, she should have pointed out that their rating gives Mitchell just 27 points out of a possible 73 - pretty lousy.

Finally, Jenn says it "ridiculous" to call Mitchell a bully. It was ridiculous to call Hayworth a bully, particularly so when you read the rationale of the Republic's charge, which was Hayworth responding to personal attacks on him and his wife by...Harry Mitchell. Hayworth may be a lot of things, but anyone who's ever spent time around him knows bully isn't one of them. And since we now know that all of the personal attacks, insinuations, and allegations made by Mitchell turned out not to be true, how come Hayworth never got an apology from Mr. Nine Guy?



As always schweikert had a great shot at this till you said something. Now mitchell will get a glowing endorsement. I swear you are the kiss of death...

Remember when you said the cd-5 race was over and the DCCC was pulling out?? Well now they just announced a $1 million ad buy! And the NEA announced another 650k ad buy just for mitchell! I swear worst predictor in the world.

I hope Mitchell still has all those stolen campaign signs. He can become the recycling Czar. :)

Jenn, wake up sweetie. It's been pointed out numerous times by numerous people over an extended time that Hidin' Harry Mitchell plays tricks like voting against a budget that is sure to pass to bring down his percentage numbers vis a vis voting with Mommy Pelosi. As for trumpeting Hidin' Harry's ranking with the Club for Growth? That's hilarious, the Club rightly rated Hidin' Harry near the bottom of the barrel for his anti-growth policies/votes. And finally, the Chamber of Commerce "Spirit of Enterprise" award should be named the "Spirity of Subsidy" award, because that's what it's for. Hidin' Harry's yes votes on legislation where government took from one man and gave to another. It's all there for you to see, assuming you want to make a little effort.

On another note, would you happen to know when Hidin' Harry will come out of hiding and actually meet with his constituents?

Another way to look at Mitchell’s record is as follows: The American Conservative Union rates his career voting record as 27% (rounded) on a scale of 0 (very liberal) to 100 (very conservative). Compared to Franks’ 99%, Shadegg’s 98%, and Flake’s 96% conservative voting records, it is hard to view Mitchell as a moderate. Moreover, I, for one, am not going to forget that he voted for ObamaCare and its $500 billion cut to Medicare after stating he would not vote for any bill that cut Medicare. He is there when the Liberals need him, and that’s what matters.

Not a huge Mitchell fan, but he did AZ a great service by removing the buffoon JD, and of course McCain drove the stake through his heart.

Don't like either of them, typical for this district....

I agree with Johnny! This race is far from over! I'm glad that the NEA is helping out with this ad (http://www.youtube.com/user/NEAFundCampaignAds) for Mitchell! Mitchell actually cares about his constituents and considering the fact that a good percentage are STUDENTS, it is important to have a student advocate on capitol hill. Mitchell for Congress!

Greetings comrades! I understand that there is some question as to Harry's political position. Comrade Pelosi loves Harry, and Harry wants to stay in power, so what is problem? So what if he pretends to be 'moderate', after all is time honored practice in DC to pull wool over voters eyes, Da?!

I agree with Alex, Mitchell for politburo!

Alex: Here's how much Mitchell cares about me being one of his constituents. During his term of office I wrote his office at least three times. All three times his reply to my letters had nothing to do with what I wrote about. The last time, I sent his letter back with a note saying he must have got the letter mixed up with another letter because it had nothing to do with what I wrote about. Guess what, I got the same exact letter back again. Mitchell for dog catcher! (My apologies to dog catchers.)


The Barbara Boxer office functions the same as what you describe from the Mitchell office.


According to Mitchell’s campaign web site, the NEA is rankled (angered) by school improvement policies “such as teacher performance pay and staff shakeups at low-performing schools.”

Well. Res ipsa loquitur.

See http://www.harrymitchellforcongress.com/release_details.asp?id=166

Mitchell votes yes on the $20 something billion (we're talking Washington here, no reason to get too specific) bailout of teachers' unions, now gets ad spending directed his way. Hidin' Harry must enjoy that thing of his he has going on. Kick this corrupt old man to the curb.

We Need Principled Leadership

Harry Mitchell is probably a nice man—I do not know, having never met him. But he now must come home. In fact, he should just save his war chest of millions of dollars and drop out of the race-to-represent the fine folks of CD 5. Besides, Harry will already be drawing THREE retirement incomes and if he gets re-elected, he will get his salary and benefits for the rest of his life—which is FOUR different retirements, all compliments of we the taxpayer. Here is why Harry must go.
Speaker Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp”. She did not do that, because as we all now know, she is the biggest reason the swamp only gets more troublesome. Harry likes to claim his “independent” bonafides, yet upon closer examination http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/members/m001167/ we find an almost unbelievable number of NO votes on more procedural votes and not on the final roll-call vote or the more substantive vote. In short, Harry always votes down the democrat budget, always votes down the daily Speaker’s minutes (called “Approving the Journal”) and more often or not votes against adjournment. Add it all up, put a percentage on it and Harry sounds like a moderate, or at least can now claim to be one 17.8% of the time. Harry votes with Nancy almost always on votes that matter.
The $800 billion of OUR money spent on democrat special interests-- not to create jobs, but somehow to enable Pelosi and the President to claim incredulously that one to three million jobs were saved? Were it possible, I would like the evening news to interview one person, who is not a “special interest” to have been on the receiving end of a job that once was lost, but now is found. Besides we now know that several academic studies have been published (http://mercatus.org/publication/does-government-spending-affect-economic-growth) that show how recent government spending money to create jobs had exactly the opposite effect of crowding out the private sector where jobs are lost, tax revenue is down, savings are reduced and the economy worsens.
Another monstrosity of a bill upending everyone’s healthcare was passed in the dark of night, on a Sunday, no less, that no one read (but Harry according to him and quoted in the Awatukee News) when according to the Urban Institute (http://www.urban.org/url.cfm?ID=411967) and drawing upon data from the US Census, 82% of the CD 5 folks have health insurance and that includes tens of thousands of college students who typically do not need it because of what the university provides. And Nancy tells us we had to pass the bill to see what was in it. And when all the truth comes out, and all the unintended consequences of this terrible bill are revealed (like $500 billion cut from Medicare Advantage), and even though the folks in CD 5 overwhelmingly did not want it, maybe Harry will regret what he did again to spend OUR money.
Finally, Harry voted NOT to support our troops (Harry loves to claim how much he supports our vets) in the surge in the war we just won in Iraq. There is starting to be a pattern here—Harry may have principles, but not the principles that are representative of the thousands of folks he claims to represent in CD 5.
There is only one person who does represent us, our principles and values---he does not have to fake his bonafides so as to appear to be something he is not—and that of course is David Schweikert .Vote to send Harry home—he can afford it with many, many, many thanks to taxpayers. We can no longer afford him.

See comrades plenty of, politburo responses from Harry. Well done comrade Harry!!

BK Spiker, you state that 82% of CD-5 constituents had healthcare but that means 1 in 5 did not. I would like to point out that voting against the democratic budget and against adjournment are quite substantive votes. And BK Spiker, I was hoping you could show us where exactly this "swamp" comment was made? What the heck is up with that comment? It's an insane comment and something that a Schweikert intern or staffer would say.

I am neither a Schweikert intern or a staffer and you sir, are terribly misinformed and not very erudite. The "drain the swamp" comment by Nancy Pelosi can be found anywhere on the web. But for your edification, you can find it here at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/10/06/AR2006100600056.html. She also promised to enact "pay go" in the same article. As to your comment about healthcare, think about it-there are nearly 70,000 ASU students who also reside in CD 5! I wonder where their healthcare comes from? Finally, given the damage this Congress has done, maybe Harry should have voted for adjournment. Now that would have been substantive.

BK to quote the great Patches O'Houlihan, paygo is as useful as a {beep} flavored lollipop. But don't take my word for it, call Hidin' Harry's office (or the collectivist representative of your choice) and ask why they didn't comply with their paygo promise on a given spending bill. The answer will always be the same...."it was emergency spending". Please, people, don't buy the Hidin' Harry as honest, friendly old grandpa schtick. He's nothing more than a government hack thief who needs to take his four taxpayer-funded pensions and ride off into the sunset.


I could not agree more with you. This "gang of thieves" (i.e. Pelosi's Congress) are hypocrites, and/or liars and/or just plain stupid to think we, their employers, somehow do not get it! But that gang will 'get it' on November 2nd and will probably try to find a way to blame W for their incomprehensible loss.

After watching the one-millionth Harry Mitchell hit ad, it occurred to me that Harry Mitchell must believe he is running against David Schweikert for the office of . . . wait for this . . . Treasurer of Maricopa County. Rather than discussing the bank bailout, the stimulus package, Obamacare, or cap and trade, Mitchell’s campaign prefers to discuss old audit issues in the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office.

Because these audit issues are the bedrock of the Mitchell campaign, I decided to go directly to the source of Mitchell’s hysterics: the original audit reports on the Maricopa County web site. I read the reports, in their entirety. This is what I found: taken in context, these are typical audit reports. Here is what I did NOT find: Issues that reflect poorly on David Schweikert’s character or ability.

Mitchell thinks that if you cannot run on your own record, you can run on an audit report. In order to do this, he has had to build a framework of lies, distortions, misrepresentations, and misleading half-truths around the actual audit issues. Mitchell is not a person I want to represent me in the United States Congress.


Excellent point and good research. That is what is needed--digging deeply into the facts and ignore the "hit" pieces coming from the democrats when they have nothing else to say and nothing proud to tout about their feckless record.

In another ad that attempts to impugn David's character, Harry and the unions try and tell us of an evicted 12 year old: 1) if you see the photo of the 12 year old, he has a mustache and is married; 2) when David's company takes him to court, we find out that this guy and his family are actually squatters. Nonne could ever establish whether or not the name the guy used in court is his actual name.

So, I wonder--is this what the Mitchell campaign is about? Lies, distortions, and misrepresentations? And, the only reason he continues to allow this as we all know, is that Mitchell has such an abysmal record, does not support this district and cannot defend what he does. But he votes with Princess Pelosi on all things substantive and is "allowed" to vote against the democrats when they are votes of convenience, procedural or otherwise--something which, btw, Kirkpatrick and Giffords do as well.

These people have no shame and they certainly lack any principles.

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