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My son is a senior at ASU. Tuition is about $3500 per semester. He took 4 classes this past summer school that totaled over $5000.

I hope with the changing of the guard within the Board of Regents, with the newest appointments by Governor Brewer, replacing those made by Napolitano, the free spending ways will be a thing of the past.

We all want our children to get a great education, but at some point they are going to price themselves out of reach (if they haven't already).

My son want's to attend either ASU or SDSU. I'm thinking that the ever increasing cost of tuition at ASU will make it about the same as out-of-state tuition at SDSU when he is old enough to actually go to college. He's a 6th grader right now.

The effects of Crow's empire building are coming home to roost except that Crow isn't the one who pays. This guy has to be reined in.

I'm an employee of the U of A. While it is true that tuition has been raised, there have been cuts. We're also taking furlough days.

I am a full-time grad student at ASU. This semester I signed up for an online class. I didn't get the bill for the class until after the 100% refund deadline and drop/add period were over. The added fee for the online class? $1206.

Because I can't get a refund, I will be going without health insurance, books, and most of the equipment I need to buy in order to finish my research next year.

I am totally disgusted.

Thanks AZ Board of Regents and, in particular, ASU President Michael Crow.

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