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Has anyone sent this to Ducey's camp?! I'm sure Cherney has a nice bullshit explaination as to why it was revoked...perhaps it's because he is not a business man. GO DUCEY!

Foreign non-profit?

I would like to know where Doug Doucey is?? Since the primary he has been MIA. I don't see any signs up and he is not on TV now. What I do see is Cherny talking about just a few of several issues Ducey has. It is going to be a long 26 days for him.

I'm pretty sure it's "Cold Stone Creamery," not "Stone Cold Creamery." That said, I'm pretty sure Cherny's electoral prospects are "stone cold."

Politics and paperwork aside, am I the only one that think Cherny comes across like a snot-nosed little brat that thinks he's smarter than everyone else? I don't think my assessment is too far off the mark.

I'll be glad to see him leave AZ after he gets crushed, and try his hand in another state. Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

"Foreign", as in, incorporated in another state.

Being "a snot-nosed little brat that thinks he's smarter than everyone else" is an epidemic in the Democrat Party. See: Justin Johnson, Senate candidate in disctict 10; Kyrsten Sinema, Senate candidate in district 15; David Schapira, Senate candidate in district 17; and, of course, the Big Kahuna himself, Barack Hussein Obama. They all always think they're the smartest person in room, regardless of what room they're in.

Democrats have been selling themselves as smarter and more caring than Republicans since I've been paying notice. Repeat the statement often enough and a certain number of Joe America will believe it and even repeat it to others.

Luckily ABC/CBS/CNN and the big metro newspapers are slipping just a bit more every day. Every day more people get their news from regular people and not from the folks who fawn over the ruling elite.


Clever find, Greg. Except for two things.

First, you completely mislead readers regarding the Cherny ad. The failure to file the annual reports was just one-fourth of the claims against Ducey. Your comment that "Cherny manages to make an entire political ad out of these paperwork lapses" is FALSE.

Second, your find of the lapse of Cherny's DC registration is not worth much. As another reader pointed out, you have found a registration in D.C. of a FOREIGN non-profit that has been revoked. Cherny's non-profit is STILL IN GOOD STANDING in its home state of Delaware (where else?). (Also, your screen shot should have shown that CT, one of the largest corporation registration agents in the country, was responsible for filing the paperwork for Democracy.)

I agree with you that the annual report issue should not be a big issue - even when you are running for State Treasurer. However, your misleading lead and your back atcha gotcha are not very good, either.

(I did a Fact Check of the ad, too, here: bit.ly/dCzn70)

This could well backfire on Cherny, since many small businesses are about to be victimized by this administration's absurd and draconian paperwork requirements for minuscule transactions, adding massive operating cost to their concerns.

Ridiculous paperwork required by idiotic faceless bureaucrats is not a great selling point.

This is corrected information that Greg Patterson refuses to give his readers. Makes you wonder...

From: Andrei Cherny for State Treasurer [mailto:info@andreiforarizona.com]
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2010 2:05 PM
To: gpatterson3@cox.net
Subject: I hate it when that happens, Part 2

Mr. Patterson, In regards to your post yesterday, please see the below chain with DC government in which they acknowledge that the business license for Democracy was revoked due to a clerical error on their end. You can see the updated information: http://mblr.dc.gov/corp/lookup/status.asp?id=47511. We hope that in the interests of fairness you would publish the new information for you readers so that they would not be misled.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: "Gasimov, Yusif (DCRA)"
To: Andrei Cherny for State Treasurer
Cc: Bill Scheel
Sent: Thu, October 7, 2010 12:43:03 PM
Subject: RE: Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, Inc. license issue

I have already received two emails related to your corporation.

Division staff is correct – this corporation should not have been revoked and it was a clerical error. This error was corrected and the agency’s website will be updated by tomorrow to reflect active status for your corporation.


Yusif Gasimov, MPA, CP,

Program Specialist, Assistant Superintendent of Corporations,
Corporations Division, Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs,

District of Columbia Government
1100 4th Street, S.W., 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20024

Phone: (202) 478-9285 http://dcra.dc.gov/DC/DCRA/For+Business/Corporate+Registration


From: Andrei Cherny for State Treasurer [mailto:info@andreiforarizona.com]
Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2010 3:35 PM
To: Gasimov, Yusif (DCRA)
Cc: Bill Scheel
Subject: Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, Inc. license issue

Mr. Gasimov -- We are writing from Andrei Cherny's campaign for Arizona State Treasurer and were referred to you by Ms. Deborah Bridges. She said you would be the person who is preparing a document that would indicate that the Democracy: A Journal of Ideas Inc. business license was wrongly revoked due to an error in processing forms with the DC government. Would it be possible to get a copy of that document emailed to this address today? Thank you for your help in fixing this problem.

Funny how the time on the Cherny troll post says 4:29pm. It seems his campaign is headquarted somewhere east of here... Carpetbagger?

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