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Could't happen to a nicer person..........lol

Bad question ... but

My wife really likes the AZ Republic so we have to subscribe to it.
Last year we paid $104 for 7 day/week delivery.
This year they would not renew it for the $104.
Best they gave me was $156 +- a $1.
I told them to drop it...

Quite frankly, the only reason we continue to subscribe to the Republic is the coupons - what we save pays for our subscription.

Four things: (1) I believe it is important, maybe even vital, to have a daily printed newspaper in town, even if it's as left-slanted as the Republic. At least we know what we're getting. (2) My profession requires me to read the rag, so I do subscribe, although my favorite parts are the comics and the corrections (quoting Ronald Reagan). (3) My wife reads some of it, but it's mostly for the coupons and grocery ads. (4) Keven Ann Willey is pathetic and she is reaping what she has sown. (Amazing how true and relevant the Bible still is.)

Ha! I get all grocery adds and do not subscribe to Rag! They mail them to me.

Clay Thompson and the funnies are the only reason I continue to subscribe.

With circulation numbers like those shown above, how is it that Keven Ann Willey still has a job? She must have pictures. . .

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