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He voted to cut close to $1 Billion from education over the last 20 months. How is that a "hit piece"?

Huppenthal maximized education funding when compared to democrat states. It takes a democrat to really cut the throats of schools.

Since when is a 5% cut a slashing, particularly when revenues fell 30%?

Not only that, but IE's need to provide the "victim" of hit pieces with a copy.

The cuts were ephemeral. All state ed funding that was cut by the legislature was replaced by federal stimulus dollars. Bad policy? Absolutely. Any real cuts to the amount of money schools received? Hardly. Federal education dollars to the districts have gone up by more than 60 percent in the last ten years - a huge sum, which doesn't include the stimulus dollars. But the educrats don't want you to think about that. The signs are technically accurate, but total ed funding is actually higher this year compared to last if you count the federal spending.

Same goes for the signs against Giffords, Wright, Cage.

Somebody should get a warning out to the public - the area between Huppenthal and one of those signs criticizing him is hazardous to the health of little old ladies.

Especially on election day.

Six comments, and five miss the point of the post. As Greybeard knows, the point is that the signs require a Paid For disclaimer and whoever put up the signs is breaking the law. Whether you think the sign is accurate or however you feel about education funding matters not. It is illegal, and it was done by Huppenthal's opponents.

Stole the idea from the Horne/Thomas primary from the looks of it.

I had a few Republican yard signs left that need wire posts. Now I know where I can get some...

I'm pretty sure state law doesn't require any disclosure on signs if less than $500 is spent. I'd wager these probably fall under that exception.

Truthy, I'll take that wager: 16-912:

...A political committee that makes an expenditure for
campaign literature or advertisements that expressly
advocate the election or defeat of any candidate or that
make any solicitation of contributions to any political
committee shall be registered pursuant to this chapter at the time of distribution, placement or solicitation and shall
include on the literature or advertisement the words “paid
for by” followed by the name of the committee that appears
on its statement of organization or five hundred dollar
exemption statement.


It wouldn't require registration or disclosure if the sign placer isn't "a political committee" which, unless it's a candidate himself, is more than one person (16-901):

19. "Political committee" means a candidate or any association or combination of persons that is organized, conducted or combined for the purpose of influencing the result of any election or to determine whether an individual will become a candidate for election in this state or in any county, city, town, district or precinct in this state, that engages in political activity in behalf of or against a candidate for election or retention or in support of or opposition to an initiative, referendum or recall or any other measure or proposition and that applies for a serial number and circulates petitions and, in the case of a candidate for public office except those exempt pursuant to section 16-903, that receives contributions or makes expenditures in connection therewith, notwithstanding that the association or combination of persons may be part of a larger association, combination of persons or sponsoring organization not primarily organized, conducted or combined for the purpose of influencing the result of any election in this state or in any county, city, town or precinct in this state. Political committee includes the following types of committees:

(a) A candidate's campaign committee.

(b) A separate, segregated fund established by a corporation or labor organization pursuant to section 16-920, subsection A, paragraph 3.

(c) A committee acting in support of or opposition to the qualification, passage or defeat of a ballot measure, question or proposition.

(d) A committee organized to circulate or oppose a recall petition or to influence the result of a recall election.

(e) A political party.

(f) A committee organized for the purpose of making independent expenditures.

(g) A committee organized in support of or opposition to one or more candidates.

(h) A political organization.

(i) An exploratory committee.

In any case, the law shouldn't seek to unneccessarily limit political expression--through signs or otherwise--which it does when it requires you to register with the state before you stick up a sign.

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