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Wow. I've seen you say some pretty strident things against tribes, but you have really out-done yourself this time. Are you actually advocating the "racino" proposal, not because you think it is good public policy, but because you think it would be "sweet revenge" against the Tohono O'odham Nation for opposing the policies of the current leadership at the capitol? This seems rather petty, and it certainly does not speak well for how things work in Phoenix.

I think what Greg's saying is, you should be careful who you get in bed with.

If the Indian Tribes want to play the game of politics, they'd better understand it's a high stakes game, and you'll get burned if they're on the wrong side. If they don't want to be targeted, stay out of our elections and mind your own business.

I personally have no issue with expanding gambling in this fashion, why should Indian Tribes have a monopoly on this? They already get all sorts of government benefits (far more than "regular" Americans)and without paying taxes to boot, do we really need to give them even more set asides?

It would be a relatively painless way to help the budget problem.

Sounds like a win-win to me, and it sends a message to the tribes not to fund liberal causes. It could be hazardous to your health.

If there is one sugar high that arizona political junkies can't resist it is this;

Under-estimating Russell P.

This fight is a win-win-win, and he is out front. It's interesting he has the stage all to himself.

Who feels most abused in this state by the confiscatory nature of Barack Obama's Dept of Interior?

Answer: Just about everyone who lives outside of Maricopa Co and who is trying to make a living NOT WORKING FOR THE GOV.

And it is Barack Obama's Dept of Interior who has - in blind liberal allegiance - made this land swap nonsense an issue for Glendale and by extention the state. The same Glendale that is still [like most suburban neighbors for various reasons] reeling over the goofy deals rigged in flush times - sports authority and otherwise.

Most politicans in this state take John Kyle's approach to dealing with the Tribes. Keep it on the down low. It's best done with a minimum of public attention.

Well Russell has obviously decided otherwise when spoiling for a very public fight instead. Which is pretty much his nature. It just so happens to make good tatical sense as well in this instance.

This a shrewd move by a local boy who has had a taste of the national stage and is ambitious as all get out for more.

There are a lot of issues here if anyone is serious about taking a look - where boarder security & ranching - as well as water - all get tangled up in Blue.

Let the progressives try and put crazy Russell in the Crazy Carl or the Witchy O'donnell camp. That is fine.

We'll see how well that works.

For every action, an equal and opposite reaction; choose wisely.

Greg, not sure if you know this but the tribes get part of the 302 money for headstart and other programs on the Res. Casino revenue is down because of the economy so they need (want) the money.

APS chipped in on that mailer, as well.

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