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I hope people will resist becoming cynical and simply learn to spot stuff like this themselves.

Voters who are involved and informed will not fall for this nonsense.

As usual, the Democrats are depending on voter ignorance to win the day. The less voters know, the more they vote Democrat.

You're right that the ones who should be angry here are the Democrats who donated that money. They should feel so ashamed!

How about that "Proud Arizona Democrat" bumper sticker now? It should say "Proud Arizona Democrat who Hates Obamacare & Realizes that Libertarians Make More Sense than We Do". The Unions who printed those mailers must be happy too.

In the end, these mailers will make no difference in he race, except for maybe help the Republicans. Since, Dems now know that their own party is scared enough to waste all of this money, it could really hurt Democrat turn-out. I say that the Democrats should keep wasting their money. Please, send me many, many more of these mailers.

I received a different mailer looking as though it was from Libertarian candidate Nick Coons-having his name and picture on it. The mailer attacked David Schweikert as "Leaving IOUs for our children and grandchildren"; and "David Schweikert supports a a fiscal plan that will add $700 Billion to the deficit."

Thinking it a bit odd that a Libertarian wouldn't mention Harry Mitchell's votes for Stimulus, Bailouts, "ObamaCare", et. al., I asked Mr. Coons why send a mailer, and not mention the incumbent's votes for these schemes that have already added billions to our national debt? He replied that he did not send the mailer, and had not seen it before I provided it to him. He did mention that he'd already seen the mailer above.

While the example above clearly states that the AZ Dem Party paid for that mailer, there is nothing on the other piece stating who, or what group paid for and sent the piece out. It reeks of misrepresentation - and utter desperation by Mitchell and/or his minions.

It's really funny (meaning hypocrtitical) that the papers are not and will not report this.

Yes, that is astounding that the Dems are using their donated money to slam their own president.

This is Don Bivens' encore to his 2008 train wreck in the AZ Legislature. They tried to get rid of him then but they brought in some chump who quickly quit or was run out. Then Magic Bivens resurfaced. You are right, he will not survive this farce. AZ Dems are a train wreck right now. Couldn't happen to a nicer group of whacko liberals.

'Magic Bevins....Legacy Terry Goddard son of a former phoning in a candidacy...a congressional majority in deep trouble...

Wow. How things have changed from the flush momentum of the '06 cycle - when Arizona under Napolitano (possilbe VP material?) was poised as a bellweather 'tip of the spear' progressive takeover in the southwest.

It looks like just replacing the mickey mouse lobbyists at the Goldwater Institute with the weak sisters from the Morrison Institute hasn't radically transformed the political terra firma. But down town is really cool with all the new landmarks - and the 40 mph trolly cars (esspecially when free!).

For the rad price that ASU picked up the Mercado shouldn't the great unwashed at least got a bar of soap and a tee-shirt?

Although gotta admit that that 200+ million ASU pocketed in the name of education reform from Obama - (Crow's adroit invitation for a prime time address to inspire the class of '09 definately paid dividends) - while it won't bring tuition down a red cent - it sure provides a lot of 'walk around' money on campus now doesn't it?

Now if Crow could just find a few wealthy alum to donate matching funds....?

The way things are going the Dems are gonna have to find the local equivalent of Moses to keep RUSSELL P from walking all the way to the Senate in 2016!

Phoenix48 Thanks for that laugh. That is hilarious. I am printing that. Money runs out and the Dems all of a sudden are not so popular.

200 million and the cost of tuition doesn't go down, and Obama didn't even get an honorary degree. But they got a nice show from Alice.

...bar of soap and a tee shirt...too much.

Got a mailer from the AZ Democratic Party today advocating a vote for Libertarian Michael Shoen instead of voting for Ben Quayle.

In case you want to see ALL the mailers:


Vote for the REAL proponent of limited government. Vote Steven Stolz, the proud conservative! Just win, baby!

It's not just Arizona. The Dems are doing similar things in Illinois and Indiana, so possibly other states as well. It would be interesting to know at what level the idea originated -- perhaps in Washington?

Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Just as a monopoly always winds up screwing its customers, a one-party system is a path to disaster...and that's what we are moving to.

A smart, effective and ethical Democratic party makes the Republican party stronger. The diversity of opinions result in more intelligent government. We saw the ramifications of this during the first 6 years of the Bush Administration, where a weak and corrupt Democratic party was helpless against a powerful GOP, and as a result Republicans strayed from their ideals and handed out government money to all takers.

The Democratic party has no fundamental principle now except for "the GOP is bad."

This is a loss for the country. And, although it may pave the way for Republican dominance, I fear that without intelligent Democratic debate the GOP may continue being the welfare agency for large corporations, passing laws that make favor the largest corps at the expense of the smaller ones and coming up with more subsidies.

Men like Truman and JFK must be spinning in their graves at the mess the Democratic party has turned into.

And, long term, the moral bankruptcy (I say moral, because thanks to its corruption the Dems are flush with cash) of the Democratic party is bad for the GOP as well.

This is beginning to sound a little like Alferabi's playbook.

I think the Dems should keep Don Bivens. He's certainly helped the State of Arizona improve. We are more solid Republican now than before he took over the chairmanship. Love ya, Don; keep up the good work!

All this for Harry? Gee, I guess Harry isn't the straight ahead guy we thought he was. :)

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