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"...this state is a disaster. A joke. A tragedy."

Oh my. Well, there's always Portland. Maybe Jon Talton is looking for a roommate in his pied-à-terre.

"I am familiar with the Book of Mormon. All I’ll say is I must respect another man’s belief much as I respect his belief that his children are bright and his mate beautiful."
Wow, really? How was that necessary? I tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, but really...wow.

"All of the political leadership in this state emanates from one district and one religion and one ethnic group and as a consequence, with that philosophy this state is a disaster. A joke. A tragedy."
Is he talking about Mormons or Christians? Unless the last election changed this, last time I checked there were more Catholics in the state legislature than Mormons.

"As for myself I am a happy atheist."
There's your sign. I really don't have a problem with atheists. My whole father's side hasn't baptised their offspring for generations. I'm an agnostic myself. But the atheists that feel the need to mock people of faith because of their own insecurity, arrogance, or need to belittle others makes them just as bad as religious people who do not follow the tenets of their belief system.
I think being an atheist required a lot of personal and societal confidence, but poking fun at others really makes me think he hasn't reached that level of maturity yet.

He's as happy and polite as any atheist I've ever met.

I'm a Mormon but I'm also a registered Democrat. I think the Mormon population got pulled into the Republican party in such high percentages because of the cultural wars that started in the 1960's. Before that, they had plenty of Democratic Mormons. But in my view, those cultural wars have largely ended and the more important differences between the Democratic and Republican party are no longer abortion and gay marriage - in my estimation.

The more salient issues are economic policy (the Democratic party is no longer nearly as socialist as they once were - they are much more free market, they just have a more profound belief in suitable safety nets), immigration, foreign policy, etc.

In many ways, my religion has pulled me into the Democratic party (I moved from Republican to Independent because of George W. Bush - I moved from Independent to Democratic because of Barack Obama.).

So, I think Russel Pearce is crazy but not because he's Mormon. I think he's completely responsible for his own craziness.

..."the Democratic party is no longer nearly as socialist as they once were..."

And water is no longer nearly as wet as it once was.

"I moved from Republican to Independent because of George W. Bush - I moved from Independent to Democratic because of Barack Obama."

I understand completely. I moved from Mercedes to Volvo because of Rolls Royce. I moved from Honda to Yugo because of Volvo.

The Star claims to care about social justice and intolerance. It can prove that by asking for his resignation. Then again, it also represents the ultimate in mediocre journalism, so...

Dewey, I'm being a little simplistic obviously, but the Republican ideology no longer makes sense. They have become too hyperbolic and too magical in their thinking. Bush personified that (we can preemptively invade countries and they will welcome us as liberators! Tax cuts reduce deficits! Unregulated banks won't take reckless risks! Cutting educational spending will improve education quality! Global warming doesn't exist! ).

Very similar to how the Democratic party used to be (lets legislate away poverty and employment!).

Obama and the Democratic party, in my mind has evolved. They believe in the markets, but you can't just deregulate and tax cut down to nothing.

The Republican party has largely become the party of illogical, nonsense ideology.

"(After you read the letter, substitute the word "Mormon" with "Jew" or "Jewish" and read it again.)"

Or let's replace with "Muslim"!

Just kidding! Conservatives would consider that "an important editorial viewpoint that can't be shouted down by political correctness".

"Chronically poor?" Is that now a medical condition? Now people can be afflicted by poverty. Thanks Fitz. It is a big socialist movement.

Klute: so you agree that the message is in bad taste and Fitz was prejudiced and ignorant in writing it?

Or would you think that if the message said "Muslim" but it's ok since it said "Mormon"?

Let's look at the profound facts.

Our unemployment rate is less than 10%, unlike California and Nevada, because we reduced our illegal immigrant population.

Our violent crime rate is at a 40 year low because we reduced our illegal immigrant population.

The general population knows these things, unlike the mainstream media which are in denial, and has acted accordingly to vote for those who support these actions.

As for these government welfare programs that supposedly save people's lives, when the hundreds of millions of dollars from prop 204 poured into health care, Arizona's age adjusted death rates did not move in the slightest (CDC).

Actually, David Fitzsimmons, it's people like you who Arizonans are really embarrassed about. Your bigotted little minds do nothing to advance society. You really need to get out of your "journalistic bubble" and grow up.

Please, let's get a grip. Muslims aren't the problem in Arizona. Mormons are.

Oh well, looks like another conservative blog-stalker has discovered my secret identity. The above ain't Bernard Schober.

But anyway, Duh, I believe it's dangerous to paint groups of people in broad strokes. Pearce's Mormonism isn't the issue here. Bad taste. Guess that's judgement. I've written far worse about my own Catholicism. Prejudicial? No. Bigoted is the word you're looking for - and yeah, it's bigoted (although far more respectful, than say, something Dr. PZ Myers would write). Ignorant? I don't know Mormonism beyond my girlfriend's stories of growing up RLDS (which is like asking a Episcopalian about Catholicism I'm told) and the South Park episode "All About Mormons", so I'm not qualified to judge.

My problem is that you're all getting the vapors about this attack on Mormons, but probably wouldn't give a damn if the attack had been on Muslims. And if someone went on the attack against Dave Fitzsimmons if he
had written about Muslims, Greg's post probably would have been about "out of control political correctness" or some such.

"Fitz' comments would certainly be unacceptable in corporate America generally..."

No, it's totally acceptable. Just make sure after the "M" you write "uslim".

Nope. Just tired of you f---ing around while the rest of us clean up your messes at work.

Aw, apparently someone's so stupid they can't read the time. Too bad Brewer cut AHCCCS, you could have really benefitted from some of the programs, alternate reality me.

How do you know you're winning the argument with a conservative? They pull stuff like this.

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