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Since we're starting to expose the dirty little secrets of the fire fighters - let's talk about the fact that the many fire departments have "part time" fire fighters who are also EMTs and paramedics who do not have insurance benefits, do not make hardly any money, and are doing all the same work that the full time union goons are doing (sometimes more)and are exposed to all the same risks, but because they are not full time in the union, they are underpaid and at risk to a greater degree than the highly paid union thugs.

This means that all the talk about what kind of pay fire fighters deserve based on the service they provide and the risks they take is nonsense. This is proof that the unions do not care about the citizens OR their fire fighter "brothers" - they care about the UNIONS.

Amen, Travis. I'm not aware of any union that cares about anything but themselves. One of the most egregious is the NEA and it's little ugly cousin, the AEA. Neither cares one whit about educating our children. They only care about themselves and what salaries and benefits they can get for their members. Shameful.

I'm in complete agreement Travis. I think Unions had their moment, and they were a good idea back in the 20's and 30's when work days were longer, the work was riskier, and the workforce was younger. But with the laws they helped get on the books, today's workplace is more employee friendly than ever before, and Unions become a hindrance rather than a help. Look at the UAW if you want a good example. They nearly, or did, drive the big three to quasi-bankruptcy because they didn't want to negotiate wages and benefits to keep the manufacturers viable.

I just hope Christy doesn’t end up in the end-zone of the Meadowlands by taking on the Unions.

Go to the Village Health Club on Camelback in the middle of the day and there are three types of people playing tennis:
1. Retirees
2. Housewives
3. Firemen
They hang out like kids bored on summer break. Never mind the fact that they have all the time in the world to mobilize politically and attack those who like to point out the insanity.

Arnold is the worst governor in Kalifornia history.

Kalifornia has become a great debt machine since Arnie entered office! Like Ireland.

Arnold marches to the decree of his Kennedy clan wife.

One more thing about unions. I agree with KT's assessment. Additionally, I have no use for any public employee union. They ought to be outlawed. They use public employees and their money to lobby their employers (elected officials and bureacrats paid by us, the taxapayers) to spend more money on them and their projects. How much public employee union money was spent on competitive political campaigns for the Dems compared to the Republicans? The comparison is not even close. The SEIU bragged they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to elect lefties this year; and were very proud of helping to keep Harry Reid and the Dems in charge of the Senate.

I often wonder why we have to build big expensive fire stations. Why can't the firemen work a regular 8 hour shift and go home like the police officers do.

Although you're right most of the time I think you might be missing the boat on this one. I've heard and read about this 45 year old firefighter retiring with a six figure pension recently from several sources. It may happen back east, (FDNY) where every system is gamed, but I don't believe it happens here in Arizona. I would venture to say that many more firefighters have died before forty five in the line of duty than have retired with a six figure pension. If you can provide just one example, with name please, of that forty five year old firefighter in Az I'll buy you a drink at one of these events at which I frequently see you.
Regarding fire stations. It would be a lot more expensive driving an 80 ton fire truck around the city going from call to call than building a fire station. It would also take us more than 4 minutes to get there. Couldn't agree more with you on the Ireland article. I never understood why the Republic had a Marxist, Talton, as their business writer. Best Wishes.

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