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A Democrat not getting it? Wow, there's a no-news story. Linda must have been listening to her great leader, Obama. His after-election speech could have been diluted down to four words: "I don't get it."

The state needs to start pitting these liberal interest groups against each other.

Suddenly, kids learning their colors at government preschool won't seem nearly as important as state workers getting laid off en masse.

Here's what's interesting to me. After Tuesday, the Dems, and their leadership, are coming out and saying “the people of America have spoke with a load voice that they want us to work together… to get our economy and jobs back on track”. Duh! I'm thinking the people of America have been yelling that for the last 1-1/2 years, it's just that the Washington elite couldn't hear us through all the ivory surrounding their towers. Hopefully the GOP won’t fall into the same trench as the Dems.

Most liberal pundits in Arizona are an order of french fries short of a Happy Meal.
Linda Valdez is a Happy Meal short of a Happy Meal. She is such a lefty, she can't count past five because she would have to use her right hand.

actually, to Brad's point, kids learning in preschool is MUCH more important than state workers keeping their jobs...

I don't think you can make the assumption that this one mailer was determinative. I think the ongoing theme is that the public doesn't trust the government. So they elected legislators who also don't trust government.

OK, which State workers do you want fired first?

I'd like to hear the Arizona Education Association's opinions on where to take the first $400 million in cuts.

I would like to hear Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Basha's opinions on where to take the first $400 million in cuts. Their mailer, in of itself, wasn't determinitive, but it did help their cause. And now it will help the Republican's cause--cut spending.

She will still never admit that she wrote the SB 1070 RAG editorial that caused msm mass hysteria and was completely wrong.

Linda Valdez is a hack.

Same question; which State employees are you going to fire first?

(Re: State Worker's posts)

Looks like someone's worried that their job isn't essential.

On the contrary, I know I'm essential. But under the theory of Republican governance (government can do no good) that would tend to make me a target, don't you agree?
But, I see an answer to my question has eluded you, so I will restate; can you name a single job (other than mine) in state government that should be eliminated?
I'll wait...

State Worker:

If you give me two to three months to observe, interact, and collect data, I will be able to tell you which state employees/departments are essential and non-essential. I will do the work pro-bono.

Let's start with you. What value do you add to the state, and what specific benefit(s) do the tax payers get by employing you?

The tax payers should not have to justify your employment, rather, it is incumbent on the state to justify your employment and value to the people. Remember, it is a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

So the answer is no then? Fair enough; name a Division, Department, Permit or Program.
Tick, tock...

As foryour pro bono expertise; no thank you! As has been said before, your type doesn't value what government can do so why would we seek out your expertise to gut it.

As for my expertise and value; I'm sure that my position will be cut before long; after all, if I make government work, what value am I to a belief system that believes government can do no good.

I'm not sure I understand why 301 or 302 are considered gimmicks, especially First Things First, which is a pretty significant spending program funded through taxes. If we hold this sacrosanct, which government agency are we going to cut?

Did you see this artice?


"The budget is more than $800 million in the hole this year, with another $1.4 billion in cuts needed next year. If you cut all of state government, with the exception of prisons, DES, K-12 and universities and AHCCCS, you would save $820 million."

State Worker:

You don't know my position on the value of government--I have never stated one way or the other--although you pretend that you do know.

Are you afraid that your value won't stand up when measured with common metrics and measurements accepted and used by private corporations?

Again, my argument is that I as a tax payer do not have the burden of proof that you add value in your state position. My argument is that it is incumbent upon government to prove the value of a position or program. So, once again, what value do you add to the state?

Temper, temper Grandpap. Go have some tea, I'll wait...

First of all, never feed the troll.

Secondly, I'm really going to make this easy for you; lead you down the path, as it were. Tell me, what State government programs DO you support. If that program needed more funds, would you support raising taxes to fund it?

Brian, I will give you some credit though; you at least want to assess which programs in State government are worthwhile; that makes you twice as smart as the Tea Party wackjobs in the Legislature and on the Ninth floor. Good on ya!

I work in public safety, so that should tell you one part of government that I support...at least at the state and city level. I plead the 5th on MCSO.

Would I raise taxes? Depends on the program and the need. I wouldn't automatically rule it out.

So, what value do you add to the state?

How about reviewing which human behaviors we have criminalized and empty the prisons? Also review sentencing guidelines for judges which were taken away during the Symington era?

State Worker...

"that makes you twice as smart as the Tea Party wackjobs in the Legislature and on the Ninth floor..."

I think, if you are as you say you are a state worker, then you should either find a job in Obama and Napolitano's boodleland to borrow a Chicago term, or move to California.

Your little back and forth is quaint. And it may provide some solace to toss off this 'I'll give you the oppertunity to suggest what Gov you as a conservative will have us all do without...'

The only answer that squares with the miserable math the AZ legislature faces is very nasty.

But there is a brutal simplicity to it;
Everything will be cut because it MUST BE.

And once they start laying off teachers, cops, and firemen - the cities will be faced with the same. Because there is no more 'script' coming in the form of a federal bailout.

Another probable hallmark of the Pearce/Adams/Brewer approach will be a privatization movement.

They've been talking about it for years.
Now they have a financial crisis and they are in charge. And one of the few advantages they have over states like Cali or NY or Ill, is that the piracy in the public sector isn't massive or entrenched.

Because besides the thin ability for the state or police unions to sue and thus throw up a roadblock - the only thing Dems can do is flail about on TV and protest.

Anyone working in state gov has no idea the magnitude of hurricane about to destroy their coddled existence.

They are gonna hate it. Get ready for survival mode. Nobody is safe. Longer hours and less money. Your pension? Forgettaboutit.

The Dem parties 'theory' that Arizonans have become addicted to the kind of 'service economy' Napolitano propagated is now up for a DEFCON 5 nuclear test.

I suggest that most state dept supervisors won't finally get it until they start coping with running their biz by way of 30% suppliment Manpower temp workers.

That, along with massive pink slipping, has been the common experience that their private sector betters have already been dealing with.

Pearce and Adams are out of cheap tricks. They have no choice. This is the ultimate poltical Texas Hold em all in kind of moment in politics.

The only thing that can possibly save them is to balance the budget as justification and pray for economic recovery.

It's not pretty and it's not cute.

Phoenix 48,
Pearce and Adams DO have a choice, but their ideology won't allow them to act on it. Raise taxes, raise fees. If the tasks that Government performs are important, fund them.

As for longer hours, less pay; aren't you about 2 years behind the times? Again, important tasks won't get done because Republicans are robbing the State of resources.

As for your privatization scheme; cold comfort I'm sure to the loved ones of Linda and Gary Haas of Oklahoma. As Gov Brewer and Chuck Coughlin's private guards looked on three killers walked away from prison. I'm sure Chuck was too busy counting his blood money and the Guv stuttering her way through a prepared statement.

I think the first thing that will happen is State Shared Revenue will be taken away, so the cities across Arizona will probably end up with their own tax to make up the void. Next will be education. They will hack education big time, probably at the University and Community College level first then start working K-12. After that, they will look at corrections. Although I like Ron's idea of looking at what we have criminalized, I don't see masses exiting the prison system. Neither do I see privatization of correctional facilities because, it’s my understanding, most of our prisons are outdated and would require extensive refurbishment before they could be taken over by a private entity. It’s going to be a really rough and unpleasant next few years as the Legislators work to close the deficit gap.

State Worker.

Your job may be saved by the companies in flight from Kalifornia because of the Whack job state employees!

Arizona, Texas, and Utah are now the home for former Kalifornia job creators.

Salary and benefits at the City of Phoenix average $100,000 per year. Salary and benefits at the state of Arizona average $41,000 per year. City of Phoenix is ranked dead last among Maricopa County Cities in rated service levels: the worst managed city in Maricopa county. The state of Arizona is ranked second highest in the nation in rated service levels.

Why should the state legislature give the city of phoenix a dime, much less hundreds of millions of dollars?



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