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Obama doesn't need a Special Assistant to provide reality checks; he needs a Special Assistant with a sharp needle that can puncture the bubble he's been living in since he took office. He's proven to the Nation that he lives in a bubble by choosing to push health care “reform” though the majority of American’s were against it. Even after a Republican and Tea Party takeover, he has yet to see that America is not happy with the direction he is taking our great Country. I think he truly believes he is the Messiah sent to lead us to the promise land. The problem is that the majority of American’s aren’t following him there.

When Jano left Arizona for D.C., I noted the nation's loss is our gain. Jano did not disappoint. The rest of the country has now been witness to the arrogance and lack of credibility our former governor foisted on our state. And Obama: what more can be said of the most ill-equipped president in our history. Along with his leftist wackos, BHO is leading our nation cross lots to socialist hell. It is amazing to watch someone (and his sycophants) who thinks he's always the smartest one in the room--whatever room he's in--fall flat on his face, and still be so arrogant to think he's the only one in the parade that's in step.

Well said RonJ. I only add that the Obama Administrations arrogance is our saving grace when it comes to Jano's grating on the rest of the nations nerves.

It's much more likely that Obama would double down on giving Nappy a lateral move rather than sacking her outright.

In any event there are many things scarrier than seeing Big Sis get off a jet liner for a permanent re-arrival at Phoenix. Just can't envision them right at the moment.

Rule # 16 from Zombieland; ITS IMPORT TO CELEBRATE THE LITTLE THINGS(incidently the scene where they smash up KEMO SABE - in of all places - rural AZ).

I would recommend a good lateral position for Nappy to fill, but she would find a way to screw-up in that position as well. Hell, make her the Postmaster General and she would start doing strip-searches in the post offices in the name of national security. Perhaps she can be the person in charge of loading BHO's speeches in TOTUS.

CA corporate income tax receipts plummet 41.6%
Written by CA Political News on November 29, 2010, 02:06 AM

Richard Rider, 11/28/10

I stumbled across a new depressing California factoid to consider. Comparing the second quarter of 2009 with 2010, California corporate income tax receipts dropped a breathtaking 41.6%. That is a stunning reduction in one year.

Kalifornia needs Janut to fix our MESS!
Jerry Moonbeam will not make the Kalifornia economy better!

To be fair to Napolitano, she's kind of in a no-win situation. Tyler Cowen has some especially smart things to say about this here:


"The issue reminds me of the taxation and spending debates; many Americans want low taxes and high government spending, forever. For airline security, at times we want to treat it as a matter of mere law enforcement, to be handled by others, and one which should not inconvenience our daily lives or infringe on our rights. At the same time, so many Americans view airline security as a vital matter of foreign policy and indeed as part of a war. We own and promote this view and yet we are outraged when asked to behave as one might be expected to in a theater of war.

The main danger to liberty here is not the TSA but rather a set of American attitudes which, at the same time, take our current "war" both far too seriously and also not nearly seriously enough."

Cowen makes the not nearly considered enough point that a few successful plane downings basically force a nationalization of our airlines if we want to keep them at all.

I say Napolitano is in a no-win situation because the only time she gets attention is when things go wrong.

I just wish we'd cut each other a bit more slack.

Jano is in a no-win situation because she is completely unqualified for the job, makes a bunch of innane comments, and some very bad decisions.
How about cutting US some slack?

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