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You're right on. The Arizona Republic's coverage is even more egregious than that. While the "moderates" are taking over in District 11 and District 22, the Arizona Republic makes it sound as if the "tea partiers" are the problem and the Republican Party is being saved by the McCainiacs. Just imagine what the storyline would be if it was the other way around. "The racist, homophobic, radical, hate-filled tea partiers" would be destroying the Republican Party. "Oh, the shame of it all! Oh, the humanity! Would John McCain and his inclusionary policies please step forward and save the Republican Party from certain defeat!?" Ironically, it was the tea party effort that saved the Republican Party (and the nation) in this year's elections. And now the moderates want to "take back" the party from the victors. So typical of the Republican Party--grabbing defeat out of the mouth of victory. This fight ain't over yet.

I agree with your overall point about the state of both parties. But as far as the Republic article goes, they probably wouldn't have taken much notice of it at all if certain people over on Sonoran Alliance weren't acting like such drama queens over a little healthy competition.

I agree with Passionate Moderate, but I think that stating Pullen was booted out because of his "tea partiness" is missing a lot of the point.

The guy was not doing a good job. Poor recruitment of candidates, questionable finances, lack of control of the membership (never should have been 10 people running in the primary for CD3), and keeping Mecum in his position.

The offices look like crap, are dead during times of the years they should be brimming with activity, and anyone who may not fit into Pullen/Haney's small sliver of the GOP are treated like the enemy. That's not leadership, that's pettiness. I have no interest in a Chairman who is going to act like a high school mean girl.

I don't wish to see the party taken over by the tea party folk. If it happens, I become independent. Call me a snob, I don't care, I don't see anything good by allowing the angry mob to run things.

When Haney rallied his crew to win as LD11 chair, it was called an act of leadership. When the same thing happens, but results in the defeat of the Haney-Pullen sect, it results in gnashing of teeth!

Those duly elected PC's have the right to vote their conscience without being suspect.

This is what happens when people are marginalized to such extremes...problem is, Haney and Pullen are on the minority side of the margin.

Name calling, deceit, poor financial management bordering on possible illegal activity, absolute failure to meet the objectives of the job, one bad press issue after another...nope, Pullen just didn't deserve to be elected. As for Haney, divisiveness is no substitute for leadership.

Dr. Lao

Humor is a great asset.

Except that the outcome of the battle in the Republican Party will determine whether the party is a minority party in the future or not. If the Tea Party wins out, they will relegate the party to minority status in years to come. If the Republican Party chooses to be the anti-Hispanic, anti-intellectual, anti-government that does ANYTHING, they will lose in the end. They will nominate candidates like Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle and the party and the country will be worse off as a whole.

C'mon Greg, you don't expect the Repulsive to talk about the utter shambles that the Democratic party is in, do you? That would hardly fit in the agenda ...

The idea that "moderates" are taking control of LD22 is a bit beyond belief.

And the idea that the Tea Party has somehow saved the Republicans - or that the Tea Party is being excluded - is also laughable. Tea Party support made a big difference in several close GOP races. Tea Party bungling and inexperience also caused a few big losses, most notably Christine O'Donnell and Sharon Angle - although I can't help but wonder if the GOP execs had offered some guidance to O'Donnell instead of sabotaging her from day one, maybe we could have won that race.

And as one of the poeple elected to the new board in LD22, I find it amusing that people are saying "the tea party is being excluded" when the new Chairman, Adam Armer, specifically told me to get as many Tea Party people registered as PC's quickly as possible, in order to begin PC education classes and organization so as to prep for 2012. Of course, that's going to be delayed a few weeks now that Rob Haney has challenged the LD22 election. But's it's still gonna happen. LD22 will continue its status as one of the leading conservative districts, and our legislative delegation will resume their work dismantling the massive disaster Janet Napolotano left us.

Forgive me - I lost a thread in my previous post - I wanted to point out that the Republican domination of the 2010 elections was not because of the Tea Party - although they certainly helped.


Obama has revealed his true nature. And many Americans are rightfully appalled at what they see.

The RNSC lost Delaware by the choice of RINO Mike Castle who voted in the House for crap and taxes as Nancy wished!

A stronger RNSC candidate would have won the primary.

No more Rinos.

It is not the "moderates" taking over LD11 or 22, it is literally a bunch of people behind McCain & Kyl who want to dummy up the party so there are no differences of opinion expressed and so the "party" is totally under their thumbs. That is wrong. Sitting Congressmen and US Senators should not need nor want to control their party, nor use their bully pulpits to divert the money away from the state party.
LD11 is shameful. Three times they have let a Dem win in the state house race. This time they had a great candidate - the guy even came from Kyl's old law firm, but they engaged in a single shot to support one person - while the Dems did their single shot with Dems & I's to assure their pro-abortion guy gets back in.
Attend a LD11 meeting and you see the handiwork but a few old hens who gather their proxy votes like herding sheep. It is no longer about moderate vs conservative, it is old style Hatfield-McCoy. They are everything they accuse Haney & the conservatives and more. They are mean spirited and trash anyone in their way. They trashed their own state senator who supported McCain. What kind of group is that?
You are witnessing the beginning of the end of the GOP in Arizona. Independents dominated by various tea party factions will be the future victors at the polls. The cancer in the GOP is now stage 4 moving to end stage. In the meantime, Pearce will rip down the state budget and we will be on an austerity program that will put us just behind some Pacific island nation in progressiveness - and don't look to the Dems for a rescue, all they have is a fractured structure that cannot raise money and has little talent. The best they have is a part-time law professor who can't decide how best to show off her breasts to a bunch of drooling dirty old men at the legislature.
At least we are all entertained now past a point that Evan Mecham could ever have done.

Roger Ram jet...wasn't that a cartoon in the 60's?

"...it is old style Hatfield-McCoy..."

"...The cancer in the GOP is now stage 4"

"...an austerity program that will put us just behind some Pacific island nation..."

Gee Rog, with this much sky falling how do you muster the courage to leave the house in the morning - with or without meds?

Ever heard the old saw that politics ain't bean bag? Maybe this era of rough and tumble in the desert isn't for you.

Or has the court ordered you to participate?

Just a thought.

Well now it is certain, after the midterms, that the whole country is right of center, however it is entertaining that liberals still think of this as the demise of the GOP, it is actually the demise of liberalism, et all.

Steve Calabrese: I will agree with you somewhat about "moderates" taking over LD22. Calling Adam Armer a "moderate" is a bit of a stretch, for sure. How lucky is LD22 to be so solid conservative that Adam Armer would be called a "moderate." However, the fact remains that the McCainiacs are--surprise, surprise--trying to control the Republican Party statewide and their latest tactic is to take control of each district. Haney did his best to prevent that from happening in LD11, but with him now at the county level, it left a vacuum that McCain supporters were more than happy to fill. Back to LD22: It appears that McCain/Flake backers have succeeded in muscling the vote via proxies; but it may not stand. We shall see. Whatever the case, McCain is still ruthless and wants the Arizona Republican Party in his image. Not gonna happen.

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