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You should see what he said about Arizona politics in this year's speech: http://president.arizona.edu/speeches/state-university-address-2

Well, we pay for Shelton, and he's what we have to set the tone and direction for UA. Clearly we should be paying for someone else -- someone who could "bring [himself] to envision the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow" for UA and AZ that included a reality-focused educational system.

Excellent Post Greg. The brazenly open arrogance from folks like Shelton & Crow is indicative of some key reasons why these institutions are out of control.

These are state institutions in name only.

Would Shelton promote open warring in public if his funding were really tied to the Statehouse? Instead, because of the tenticles of federalism eminating out of Washington - Crow @ ASU can 'get' a earmarkish 200-300 million for 'education reform' - and yet - rake in 20-30% inflationary increases in tuition to continue to operate like the friggin post office.

Why is having hundreds of thousands of students @ ASU considered 'progress'? Because the institution needs the money.

The truth is these kids at 19 are fodder to continue a lavish lifestyle for a protected class - and many are mortaging their futures for it at usurious rates.

Observations like yours Greg, and dedicated campaigns like David Horowitz, may just be having the desired effects.

Like labor unions, too many of these State Universities have become allies of progressive democrate one party rule.

Next to tax policy & entitlement reform - these issues need addressed pronto - because they are part and parcel of the pension tyranny sucking dry state budgets -making us all that more dependent on Washington's spending addiction.

Thanks for the humor Greg. But these are very very serious issues. Great job.

Well... he does have to live in a backwater. Just think, if I were only willing to give him $15 per year his life might become bearable there.

I'm keeping my $15. Let him move to Portland.

Robert Shelton's thought.

No burden too great for the taxpayer!

Excellent post (although crappy courses aren't limited to left wing drivel). The 3 state run research universities have a monopoly on bachelor degrees and STILL need more money. I remember a few years back when the community colleges made some noise about offering 4 year degrees and the 3 universities went nuts. It takes a lot of money to sustain a research university and much of that money isn't going to educate john and sally in their intro to econ classes. Its going to fund the new bio research facility named after some rich white dude who coughed up a 7 figure check. California has the Cal State system to provide inexpensive 4 year degrees. Tuition at Cal State colleges (there are 23 campuses) is $4,884 a year. Tuition at the UA is $8,238 a year. You want to see some changes at the 3 state universities? Introduce some competition.

James L.

You can't provide an education for $4,884 - so how much is the CA taxpayer paying to subsidize all those students?

Shelton would be happy in the Lost Angels Unified School District that invests in education!

Massive funds produce a fifty percent drop out rate.

The New Public School in Los Angeles Named After Robert Kennedy is the most expensive public high school in the nation's history ... Lost Angels Public School Named After Robert Kennedy Costs $578 Million ...

The $300 million high school built over a methane gas field.

Why do public schools offer such huge taxpayer subsidies to the rich?

Why do public institutions not charge high tuition and then offer need-based financial aid? That's what private colleges and universities do, and it seems obvious.

The millionaires have public university tuition on lock-down, and the poor- and middle-class students are their ignorant defenders.


Ron-I'm not sure I understand your question. Cal State charges "fees" to resident students. Here's their fee chart: http://tinyurl.com/2367he2. Here's the UofA's: http://tinyurl.com/27j2957. Arizona students and taxpayers support huge research universities where significant parts of their budgets have nothing to do with educating students getting a 4 year degree. Cal State doesn't have that model so their costs are almost half that of the UofA.

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