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The mainstream media didn't go with the story since Tom Horne isn't much better than Rotellini. It's painfully obvious you're in the tank for Horne, but most people can't get excited about him. He's a RINO and ran a really nasty campaign against Andrew Thomas in the primary that has backfired on him now. He will be lucky if he wins, it is going to be very close.

Great post!

Doesn't speak well of the job Terry Goodard has done at the AG's office either!

The truth is, Rotellini is a physically attractive candidate that plays well on the screen but is a vicious person in reality. That makes for a media paradox...do they tell the truth thereby exposing Rotellini as the inferior candidate who was a bureaucratic failure with no true legal experience and play into the nastiest race of the cycle while exposing themselves to the possibilities of vindictive Rotellini retribution? There is a reason the two most often used analogies of her personality are Napolitano-light or Andy Thomas in a dress.

Horne is not a telegenic candidate, his demeanor is one of substance over style and very much the black and white of the law. The concept of using his office to damage anyone else would be antithetical to his beliefs...either through omission or commission.

The media knows that.

Horne will win the rural counties by at least 8, CD1 by 10, Maricopa by at least 6, and Pima will be a split. Horne wins...Arizona wins.

I agree with you, Ann. Perhaps in another election cycle this race would be a tossup. Not this year; it's a "R" year. Anything tracking close will swing to the right "at the end of the day." (Can we all agree to dump that phrase!? I promise I will never use it again.) The tidal wave sweeping across the nation wil be a tsunami here in Arizona. The Republicans will sweep the statewide races, increase their numbers in the state House and state Senate and knock off at least three Congressional Democrats.

Rotellini, Dodd, and Frank all did a heck of a job!

Nick gets the award for most facetious comment! Those three were so busy promoting their own political ambitions they forgot to pay attention to the destruction that was taking place all around them.

Felecia never got a low rate mortgage, that we've heard of anyway...but boy did that gal travel on the state's dime!

I just noticed that RealClearPolitics has now moved the CD8 race from "toss-up" to "leans Republican". That's great news. The race had been considered a "toss-up" since Kelly won the Primary. But in a bad omen for Dems, RCP gave them a trick instead of a treat & moved the race as leaning Republican on Halloween.

The Dems will be so depressed to hear their hero Giffords is going to lose tomorrow that they won't be able to go to the polls out of fear of humiliation. Plus, Dems are going to lose every other race as well.

I can't wait to hear the words "Congressman-Elect Jesse Kelly" tomorrow night.

If this were a normal election year, the media's dishonest cheerleading of Rotellini would probably be enough to put her over the top, but she still loses by at least 5points.

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