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Can the Cell-CTs detect when things besides just cells turn cancerous? Maybe they should try turning them on and see if they learn anything.

When it says other researchers can use the technology does that mean other tech companies or researchers not affiliated with VisionGate?

Okay, I just read it. I could be wrong but it looks to me like VisionGate is the manufacturer of the CT Scanner and they will be relocating here. The scanner will be housed at their R&D facility but will be available for many organizations to use for research. I'm not trying to be controversial but I don't think your analysis is accurate because although the city of Phoenix is purchasing it from them, it is for other research organizations to use, not VisionGate. Why would they care to keep and use a scanner when they are in the business of making them? Maybe I missed something...?

Dave, Dave, Dave,
If Greg's example isn't egregious enough for you let me make the example just a bit more glaring.

All the agreed on facts above plus the company agrees to name their R&D department the Phil Gordon and Charlie Rangel Memorial Center for Oncology Studies? Legal or illegal?

This wasn't a purchase of services - it was a bribe made by government to a private business.

The company got $1.2 million dollars in money that came from government taxation. Did the City of Phoenix have a need for $1.2 million dollars worth of CT scanning? You and City of Phoenix taxpayers are missing 1.2 million somethings.

The great one flew Air Force One to Fremont Kalifornia to announce a grant of $535 million to the green giant SOLYNDRA solar.

Google Solyndra and read about SOLYNDRA failure to provide Green jobs for Arnold Schwartz is fool!

Tax payer shaft again!

I can see Austria from Concord, Kalifornia.

I wish the Arnold Terminator had never brought his dubious skills to Kalifornia!

Thane - I'm not a big fan of the city paying 1.2 mil for a company to relocate here but that doesn't change the fact that the car metaphor was inaccurate.

"This wasn't a purchase of services - it was a bribe made by government to a private business." - You're right, it was a purchase of CT Scanners. They are for any research company in AZ to use, whereas in the car metaphor it was only for the legislator. There's a difference there.

You could argue that the CT scanners aren't worth 1.2 mil and you'd have a case. Or you could argue that the city shouldn't be buying things from companies to entice them to move here in which case I'd agree with you. But the car metaphor does not make sense. That's all I'm saying.

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