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Greg: Are you saying the Republic's reporters and editors are often clueless? Please tell me "No;" it just can't be! Oh, the shame, the humanity!

It would be easy to blame just this very young and inexperienced reporter for this bogus story, but where the hell are the editors!!!! Oh, that's right -- the ones that had a clue got laid off.

If an Arizona Republic fell in the middle of a large southwestern state and there were no readers left to notice, would it make a sound?

If an East Valley Tribune (note to the younger generation: the East Valley Tribune used to be a local newspaper) began leaving free "issues" on the driveways of East Valley residents, would any of the residents bother to remove the rubber band before dropping the "Tribune" into the recycling bin?

If an intelligent, honest, uncondescending company were to attempt to establish a news publishing enterprise in metro Phoenix, would it develop a following?

I don't think we'll ever learn the answer to that last question.

Wow ! You really crack me up with your doom and gloom talk, just because no one has succeeded you let your personal animosity towards William S. Crum cloud your judgement! Just because we're not part of either the elite democratic leadership like Goddard, Hulburd who backed sb 1070 or republicans on the right you let your petty jealousy drive your journalism here.
Well...I got news for you, we're not going away and whether you want to cover our recall of this crook named Jon Kyl there will be plenty of others who will ! My friend William S. Crum served his nation in Vietnam and for his service he now suffers the effects of Agent Orange and other maladies brought on by his service there so...just because he and I are not part of your elite group of so called elite political friends doesn't give you the monopoly on the Left ! Recall Jon Kyl the crook who help passage for the Emergency Responders of 9/11, who used his postion to bash my brothers and sisters of the LGBT who are serving their country and who voted against the Dream Act because he caters to Racists ! leonardclark.net 623-329-0284
Leonard Clark chair of the Jon Kyl Recall !
William S. Crum treasurer of the Jon Kyl

Well, Leonard, after reading your comment, I've certainly got a much higher opinion of your credibility.

Hint for the future: Try to work 'elite' into your comments a few more times.

Leonard is a paid-petitioner trying to fleece ignorant Democrats out of contributions. He gets paid to walk and collect signature for other candidates while pretending to be recalling Jon Kyl.

Leonard had a blog while stationed in Iraq. Leonard posted new from "al jezeera" and other middle eastern (arab) news on his blog regarding "collaborators". Leonard was demoted for not following orders. Leonard's blog can be found on google cache. It's not entirely scrubbed.

Leonard, what you did while serving active duty is an embarrassment. You volunteered to be a soldier in the largest all volunteer military in the world, then commenced to waging a war against that same military and its leaders all because you didn’t believe in the war. If you didn’t want to do the job asked of you, then you either shouldn’t have volunteered for service, or you should have filed conscientious objector status and relegated to joining the civilian sector once again. To disobey orders, bad mouth those officers over you, and cause discontent in the ranks were certainly punishable offences.

Remember your oath?

I, Leonard Clark, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Arizona against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of Arizona and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So help me God.


It's easy to fire quick missives filled with labels, misinformation, pejoratives, and half-truths. Let me help clarify a few things for you.

9/11 Emergency Responders: Kyl did not oppose covering first-responders, he simply questioned the need to rush passage of a potentially bad bill. For more information, click on this link: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/sen-jon-kyl-is-skeptical-of-the-911-first-responders-bill/

DADT: I happen to disagree with Kyl's position on the repeal, but you did not provide any specifics on how Kyl bashed LBGT by voting against the repeal. If I understand your logic, if someone disagrees with you or someone who is LBGT, they must be wrong. Solid logic, Leonard.

Dream Act: So, anyone who disagrees with the Dream Act is a racist or caters to racists? Really? Kyl believes that enforcement should be the first component of any immigration reform bill. As far as I could tell, the Dream Act did not include any provisions for border security, so many in the GOP who share Kyl's view of immigration reform voted against it. This surprises you? Once again, your argument seems to be that simply voting against the Dream Act (which means they disagree with you) makes someone a racist. Real solid logic, Leonard.

Here is my prediction: your half-baked recall effort will fail miserably, Leonard. The AZ Republic might spill a little more ink covering your haphazard recall attempt, but voter apathy and Kyl's strong GOP base will prevail.

To mount a successful recall of a sitting United States Senator, the polling data needs to be on your side (e.g.- a majority of likely voters must be extremely dissatisfied with that senator). That isn't the case with Sen. Kyl, Leonard. You are trying to create the dissatisfaction after the fact. Good luck with that.

God loves fools.
There are so many.
Our bad fortune is that Senators can not be recalled.

As the Arizona Republic article mentioned, Jon Kyl has voluntarily agreed to the Arizona recall process. Arizona has a recall process and Mr. Clark and Mr. Crum has invoked it. So long as enough signatures are collected I would imagine Mr. Kyl would agree to conform to this process. It is rather like the Arizona Citizens "Clean" election system. Nobody forced him to agree to be recalled but once he did I would presume he would follow the rules he agreed to.

Wow. That is horrible - so much for the "gatekeeping" role of major media outlets.

I received my friggin Honorable Discharge and an Army Commendation Medal, not once did I shirk going out of the wire. Your man George W. Bush never went out of a wire ! He put on a pilot suit and proclaimed: "Mission Accomplished !" Yeah...for all his crooked contractor Halliburton friends ! I received my Honorable Discharge I didn't run away but your Chicken George Bush did and everybody knows it! Again, no matter what you do, you will never be able to take away my Honorable Discharge and my two tours of the Middle East so go cry to somebody else ! Oh yeah...if you get your Chicken Hawk Friend Glenn Beck to serv (and I don't mean under the skirt of some general or colonel behind the wire)call me and I will go again and serve with the SOB if he agrees to ride in a humvee and probably get his f****ing head blown off ! Now...that would be worth dying for :)
Leonard Clark
Recall the crooked Anti-American corporate/foreign power sellout to China Jon (filthy) Kyl !

Nobody mentioned George W. Bush or Glenn Beck. Why go off topic? Why-o-why?


If you want to run a successful recall effort against a sitting senator, you need to appeal to more than just the fringe left. Your last comment clearly demonstrates your inability to move your argument outside of your neatly packaged box of agenda-driven conspiracy theories and day-old diatribes against former-President George W. Bush and talk-show host Glenn Beck.

You're good at hurling invectives, but that will not win you recall signatures. You need a clear, concise message that appeals to a broad-base of voters. Present a clear and cogent case for recall, or else you will be dismissed by a majority as a partisan hack with a personal agenda. Right now, your behavior indicates the latter.

Brian, what you are suggesting is beyond Leonard's comprehension and ability. He's just a mad little man not getting his way and who wants everyone to look at him. Reminds me of a two-year-old at daycare.

Don't worry mailing out more petitions as you proclaim failure, please...proclaim more failure, it seems to help alot :)
Leonard Clark recall info. leonardclark.net
recall chair
William S. Crum

What's really amusing is the comments Leonard is leaving on AZCentral. If that is his main vehicle for driving publicity and generating buzz for the recall drive, he has a lot to learn about public relations and politics.

Brian, I couldn't agree more. I can't wait to see the press release in April: "No, I was not able to collect even 1% of the required total, HOWEVER, I have collected almost 1,000 thumbs-ups from my hundreds of comments on AZCentral since the recall was announced."

Welcome, Red Star readers!

Kyl has turned into a poor excuse for a US Senator. He is out pushing for who he wants for LD chairs, county chairs and state GOP chairs. He is turning the GOP, along with the "Lynch Mob" into a North Korean party ruled by one with no allowing any other view.
If someone credible would take on Kyl he'd have my vote.
As for a recall, ain't going to happen. Better to spend the energy to get a replacement elected.
Personally, I think Yee is a hot chick.

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