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Would we expect anything else from Nappy? If your ugly arse is showing, what better to do than cover it up.


Let's "hope" some of the "change" in the Obama administration expected in 2011 includes Nappy. The Arizona Dems aren't happy with Nappy, so the only thing left for her to do is be a high paid DC lobbyist. Oh, the price of freedom.

I once read that there are two kinds of states -- states with corruption and corrupt states. All states have incidents of corruption. In states with corruption the corrupt are prosecuted and those who denounce them or prosecute them are protected. In corrupt states those who denounce them are persecuted and the corrupt are protected. So which sort of state is the US now? Which type is it becoming?

Ken, I believe your premise is false. I see more incompetence and intransigence than corruption.

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