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No word on the fate of Rush Limbaugh, either. Over the top vitriol? How about flat out racism and utterly childish conduct, as in his grade school level mockery of the Chinese language this week?

This isn't vitriol? It isn't over the top? Dick Cheney said that Rush Limbaugh, not Colin Powell, represents the real Republican party.

Still true? No one in the Republican party wants to wash their hands of this drug addicted racist? Thirsting for the blood of Benson or Fitzsimmons while condoning Limbaugh seems a wee bit one sided and hypocritical to me.

Actually, he's just leaving to head-up a George Soros-funded FEMA re-education camp where Michelle Obama will take away your french fries, as we all learned on the low-key and sensible Glenn Beck Show.

How about Laurie Roberts and Ed Montini?

Hopefully, Maddow will be next. She's just as hateful and fomenting; it's just that she can manage to do it with a smile sometimes.

Travis: I believe you mean "Madcow'.
Sorry - couldn't resist a little childish vitriol.

I find this whole conversation slightly disturbing. To me the problem isn't so much the vitriol its the amount of influence stupid, unthoughtful ideas seem to be having right now.

There's a place in the media world for the likes of Limbaugh and Olbermann. They'll say things others won't say.

It's also why during the 2008 presidential race, I really enjoyed having both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich in the race. They kept the front runners on their toes challenging mainstream beliefs. They also tended to be the most articulate and impassioned in the debates. They both apparently represent House districts that allow them to be firebrands without electoral consequences, so they can just say what they think. They also weren't running serious presidential campaigns, so winning was beside the point.

What is disturbing to me is when Ron Paul's son wins a statewide Senate seat or when calls to "End the Fed" actually get taking seriously. Or that Sarah Palin is actually front-runner in a presidential campaign. Or that McCain had to pick her as a VP to have credibility within his base.

So, calls to fire strong voices or to limit speech is disturbing to me. But what is equally disturbing to me is when someone like Rush Limbaugh because a serious voice in defining Republican party platform.

The bigger issue is whether MSNBC will even exist in its current form as an alternative to Fox News a year from now after Comcast comes in and castrates the only voice progressives have.

I know the truth is hard to hear at times, but......Castrating the voice of all progressives would be a very happy thing for freedom loving Americans.

Aw man! Fedoras are out!?

Current breaking news headline on azcentral.com:

"Sky Harbor cart rentals fell 28 percent in 2009. Airport officials blame the decline on the rising popularity of alternatives like wheeled suitcases and carry-ons."

I hope they don't just lie down and accept this explanation. This "wheeled suitcases" narrative is clearly just a smokescreen put out by airport officials to cover up the rental cart scandal. There must be an evil conspiracy behind this decline in cart rentals.

The truth begins to emerge a few paragraphs in, where they quote an associate of the Boy Scouts of America admitting that he doesn't use the rental carts. The plot thickens, but the true cause of the problem is buried deep in paragraph 14:

"Sky Harbor doesn't charge international travelers for carts."

It's the English and the Japanese who are to blame for the sorry state of rental-cartdom at Sky Harbor.

But wait: In paragraph 24 (yes, I did say "24"), a Canadian is quoted as saying that $4 per cart is too much. Why, in Canada they only charge $2!

Why, oh why, doesn't Emily Gersema, our intrepid reporter, explain to me why our poor Canadians are being charged ANY dollars to rent our carts? Aren't Canadians internationals too?

Sky Harbor officials say that more information is forthcoming. I can't wait until tomorrow's issue.

I just want to be on record as saying that I don't want to "silence the voice of progressive thought".

There's a difference in hoping that someone loses their job because they are mean and spread ridiculous information on a channel that tries to maintain that they are news oriented and hoping they lose their job because I disagree with them. I hope Maddow goes away because she's just mean and bizarre.

As for Rush Limbaugh, he is self-employed and responsible for his own content. I don't listen to him anymore. He leans too much to the entertainment side. There are so many thoughtful conservative commentators who do not resort to ridiculous and outrageous schtick to fuel their numbers.

beautiful shot. was it taken with your new camera?

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