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Clever game - I'm a sucker for little economics games that illustrate bigger realities. Is your Gladwell reading rubbing off on you? Great post.

Not often I agree wholeheartedly with one of your posts, but you really nailed this one. Good one.

So solid Greg!

I bid $0.05 for this post!

Awesome post, but as you show for many central planner types that frequent city halls, a tax dollar is not worth as much as a private dollar. You see, using $1.50 in tax "revenue" to generate $1 in private sector "transactions" means that the $1 will be spent over and over within the local private sector, and taxed through local sales tax each time until it's gone. So the city actually ends up with the entire $2.50, but only if they can figure out a way to keep all those transactions local. Building a stadium is perfect.

They are going to have to find a new name for the arena soon. Jobing.com is in dire financial shape and may shut down soon.

The UofP name may have to come of the Stadium too, based on the latest federal regulatory actions.

I just get all worked up , and I stew around!

Keep preaching it, Patterson! There is too little of this viewpoint going around. People are quick to see that big sports complexes bring in some revenue, but it's harder for folks to understand the depth of the obligation these bring.

The recently-approved Mesa stadium has a clause requiring the city the make sure the stadium remains one of the top-facilities in the Cactus League. In other words, a contractual obligation to continually up its bid.

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