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I can't wait to hear you defend this ridiculous birther bill. Do you realize that even Ronald Reagan would not qualify since he was not born in a hospital?

Do you realize that you don't have to be born in a hospital to be a citizen, if your parents are citizens? I was born in Shangai, China, and our embassy certified my birth as a natural citizen because my mother and father were both citizens, and dad was in the Navy on patrol, and mom was living on a houseboat so she could see him once in a while. The key is, both of my parents were citizens, not illegal aliens.

I could be wrong, but a child born to someone on either a work or tourist visa would not be a citizen - seems to me that someone who avoided the visa process and entered the country illegally would fall under the same criteria. Certainly, a person with a temporary visa is subject to the jurisdiction of their country, a child born on US soil to that person is also subject to that jurisdiction.

Rational debates are so much superior to emotional debates.

Ray, read the actual wording of this proposed legislation.

What? Read the bill? What a concept?

Dear Greg,
Did I hear Ruben correctly? Did he say that the governor of Hawaii, Abercrombie was at the hospital when Obama was born? I think this has proven not to be correct. Abercrombie is the reason this subject has surfaced again. Just google Obama birth certificate and Abercrombie. I was a little surprised that you did not clarify this.

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