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Is "Dumb Ass" worse than "idiot?" Just wondering. He fits both.

So let's see if I understand this correctly. Sheriff Dupnick should be recalled because he said something that some people don't agree with. Linda Valdez should be fired by the AZ Republic, in the interest of the "new, quieter discourse" (as opposed to the quiter discourse, whatever that may be). She wrote a column summarized by her closing sentence: "give secularism a chance." That's so outrageously offensive and hateful that the Republic needs to fire her for it, immediately.

But Mr. Espresso can make a joke of Mr. Dupnick's name. And call him a dumb ass. And the first comment? "Idiot."

What part of quieter discourse are we interested in here? The part where the right wing is always right, no matter how badly they behave? The part where the left wing is always wrong, no matter how they behave?

Ben Qualye ran a campaign ad calling Barack Obama the worst president in history. I'm still trying to decipher the exact meaning of the line "Drug cartels in Mexico, tax cartels in DC." Does Mr. Qualye not understand what the word "cartel" means? Or was it just another racist smear line in a campaign full of racial smears? President Obama then gives Mr. Qualye a ride to Tucson on Air Force One when he come to speak in Tucson. That's worth writing a column about. If you were really interested in a new and quieter discourse.

Rush Limbaugh spouts off yet another racist rant, mocking the Chinese language with the maturity of a third grader. Dick Cheney immediately rushes to denounce Limbaugh. He no longer speaks for the Republican party, Cheney shouts, until he apologizes and rejects racism as a part of political dialog in this country. Mr. Cheney? I'm waiting. Espresso Pundit jumps on the bandwagon as well, thundering down on Rush with the fury he usually reserves for Janet, telling Rush to apologize immediately. If I'm going to denounce Benson and FItz for saying bad things about Mormons, then it's only fair that I bash Limbaugh for outright racism and childish behavior. Now that would have been a column worth writing. But don't expect to see it soon. I'm waiting, Mr. Espresso. I'm waiting.

Ah, the new, quiter discourse. Whatever quiter discourse is, it seems like the same old thing to me.

@Woodman: you spelled Dupnik's name wrong, shows how much you respect the guy yourself.

I totally agree with you that we shouldn't publish every tired attempt to recall somebody just because some group decides they don't agree with that person. That's exactly what elections are for.

So, what's up with this post? Why is it a dumb idea to recall Jon Kyle but a smart idea to recall Clarence Dupnik?

I get and agree with your point to call out media inconsistency and hypocrisy, but why respond by being inconsistent and hypocritical yourself?

Dupnik is spelled Dupnick in one sentence and Dupnik in the next sentence in the original post. Sorry I apparently looked at the wrong spelling and not the right spelling in the original post. Kind of like quieter and quiter. Spelling things right is only important when you post blogs that ridicule others for their spelling errors.


I do think the title and postscript are a low blow. No one picks their last name. There's plenty of substantive things to pick on Dupnik for, why not stick to those?


You also misspelled "Quayle" - thrice, so it's clearly not a typo. The cardinal rule of any comment mocking someone's spelling is that all words therein must be spelled correctly.


I see your point, but I think the difference is that this recall actually has a chance and some momentum. The Kyl recall, as Greg pointed out in his post, was led by two guys that have repeatedly announced recall efforts and then apparently never collected even a substantial fraction of the necessary signatures, so the fact that the media continues to breathlessly report their latest "recall" makes the failure to cover this one even worse.

It may be correct that Dan Quayle spells his name Quayle, but Ben spells it Qualye. Like pototoe. With an e on the end.

Robert Woodman: Two things. First, the "idiot" comment, although accurate for Dupnik, is really more of an inside joke, that if you haven't been paying attention to Espresso Pundit and many of my earlier comments, would take too long to explain; so you get a pass. Second, your constant references to racist comments from those of us on the right is a typical pattern from you lefties who see racism in everything. (Maybe you ought to look in the mirror. Like so many of your comrades, you suffer from transference.) Crying "racism" is always your fallback position when you have lost the argument. If we disasgree with Obama on anything, we're racists. Sorry, Robert, not a strong argument, and last November's election is proof you have lost the argument.

They aren’t telling us to do anything. They are trying a recall…if it works Dupnik is out, if it doesn’t work he stays, at least till next year when we vote him out (he turns 74 this year….manditory retirement next year).

KGUN did a poll the other night, the results? 57% supported a recall of Dupnik.

I’m a Democrat and I plan on signing the petition myself. He lost my support when, in regards 1070, Dupnik stated on camera that neither he nor his department would enforce that law. Last time I checked, selective enforcement was illegal and the term “law enforcement” meant you ENFORCED THE LAW. Judges and legislators pass and approve laws…NOT the Sheriff!

First, two things, Ron J. "Idiot" is an inside joke? That's hilarious.

Crying racism is a fallback position when you have lost the argument.

I see.

Bob Schieffer: "Colin Powell said Republicans would be better off if they didn't have Rush Limbaugh out speaking for them. Where do you come down [on this]?"
Cheney: "Well, if I had to choose in terms of being a Republican, I'd go with Rush Limbaugh, I think."
Schieffer: "And you said you would take Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell."
Cheney: "I would, politically."

Here's Rush speaking Chinese: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/video/rush-limbaugh-mocks-chinese-president-hu-jintao-12721187.

That's hilarious too.

Here's a very small sample of the response from a couple of Chinese-Americans in Congress:

Rep. Judy Chu, D-Calif., the first Chinese-American woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, said she was "shocked and appalled" by Limbaugh's comments.

"Calling the Chinese names and imitating the Chinese language was a childish and offensive tactic," she said in a statement to ABC News. "It is one thing to disagree with a nation and criticize its policies, but it is another thing to demonize an entire people.

"Over the last 150 years, Chinese in America have faced severe racial discrimination. It wasn’t that long ago that the Chinese in America were legally excluded from the basic rights given to every other newcomer. They were called racial slurs, were spat upon in the streets, derided in the halls of Congress and even brutally murdered," she added. "So when I hear popular leaders in the media, like Mr. Limbaugh, unearth the same type of derogatory rhetoric I can only think about how far we have come and worry about whether we want to head back in that direction."

Rep. David Wu, D-Ore., the first Chinese-American to serve in the House, called Limbaugh's recent rhetoric another example of his "fundamental lack of character."

"What begins as an ugly display quickly becomes as striking for its pathetic childishness," Wu said in a statement to ABC News. "Mr. Limbaugh proves once again his disinterest in civil and thoughtful discourse, and in doing so he ridicules one of the world’s oldest languages, insults the Chinese American and Asian American communities, and disrespects the 1.3 billion people of China."

And here is a even smaller sample of the Republican response to Rush's remarks. __________

Let's repeat that for emphasis. _________________

Here's Espresso Pundit's response: ____

The silence is deafening, Ron.

Take the bone out of your nose and call me back.

Loved this post on this subject on why this recall is a really dumb idea:


"As Dara Lind notes, 'according to Arizona Department of Public Safety reports, violent crime has dropped 15 percent in Pima County since 2002.' Personally, I'd support an LA County Sherrif who shot his mouth off about the Lakers, disparaged my political beliefs, and made fun of my haircut if he turned in those numbers. That isn't to say all misconduct should be forgiven if the crime rate is falling: a sherrif who routinely violates civil liberties, undermines the rule of law, and engages in racial profiling – someone like Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County – would be worth getting rid of even if he successfully reduced crime in his jurisdiction (he doesn't)."

'according to Arizona Department of Public Safety reports, violent crime has dropped 15 percent in Pima County since 2002.'

And this has anything to do with Dupnik .. why, exactly?

Crime rates have dropped similarly across Arizona, indicating that the drops just may have something to do with factors other than Sheriffs who don't know when to keep their mouths closed ...

I usually don't agree with Greg's posts but I always appreciate his thoughtfulness and his sometimes willingness to go against his party. But the title to the post and the post script is really beneath him and surprises me that it even appears. Calling someone a "dumbass" somehow proves your point? And why show a picture of yet another leftie with a Nazi reference on a poster with a post title "I guess that civility thing was short lived". Complaining about a smear from a lefty and then smearing one yourself is rather, well, hypocritical.

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