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The Valdez', Sinemas, Olbermans and Maddows have always had condescension and hypocrisy with their vitriol.

It's just easier to hear the other two now that they have turned the volume down slightly on the vitriol.

It won't last.

You are asking for the simple mided to understand their own position. Won't happen.

That piece takes the dubious honor of the worst opinion piece ever in the Republic. How that got past an editor, I'll never know. I'm just trying to picture the thought process...

"You know what ticks me off? People wearing crosses. Hey, we should outlaw that! It sounds like a good idea, and I know just enough constitutional law to be dangerous. Let's see... shouting fire in a crowded building is unconstitutional, therefore wearing a 'Jewish skullcap' in public should be, too."

I'm not surprised that the Republic never took it down on its own, but I am surprised that she never asked them to do so.

Linda still doesn't have the GUTS to admit she wrote that purposely, misleading Editorial about SB 1070.

Disgustingly objectionable woman!

Isn't the whole concept of newspapers politically incorrect now? Everyone wants to be "green" yet these people want to deliver a cut down tree to my front door every morning.

Just by their sheer existance, I am finding newspapers to be hypocritical.

What makes Linda Valdez unique?

Once upon a time, journalists reported the news and editor's took sides in an issue.

Today, Journalism students (if you can call them that) are fed a steady diet of their obligation to activism on behalf of anything progressive or leftist. They don't objectively report news as facts. In fact its nearly impossible for today's newspaper writers to write an opening paragraph without it devolving into and editorial commentary.

Linda Valdez is no different. Too bad she can't even see her own hypocrisy.

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