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We all would like to think that we would react to a disaster like Jason Bourne or Indiana Jones. However, the reality is we tend to react very slowly; many of us just freeze. On the otherhand, I think things changed big time after 9/11. I believe many of us are more aware of things around us and, like the quick responders in Tucson, will/do react more quickly. Although Bourne and Jones have nothing to fear for competition.

I have to hand it to Markos Moulistas, editor of the largest Liberal blog, who had the incredibly fast reactions to tweet, "Mission Accomplished Sarah Palin" minutes after the shooting happened.

I was really impressed by the heroes, and dare anyone to say they weren't, that gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect others. In a world of "what's in it for me", there steps in folks who really do personify what the world used to be like when neighbor looked out for neighbor, and friend for friend. How I wished those days would return.

I saw a program on Discovery about a manufacturer who upgraded SUVs with armour, bulletproof windows, etc. He said trained bodyguards took 2-4 secs to react to an attack, and normal people took 10 secs or more.

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