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No expert am I, but I think that there's enough Libertarianism/Federalism in the air the keep the Feds out of this issue for at least the next election cycle (2012).

Also, we have long known that this "Medical" marijuana push is the proverbial nose of the camel in the tent. Assuming the "industry" keeps its nose relatively clean, if not a push to legal expand marijuana use/sales, there won't be a big push to repeal what's already there.

Shoot, I'm a super-conservative/libertarian Mormon, and even I'm moving to the live-and-let-live side of the marijuana debate.

Note that as a controlled substance, business expenses associated with its production and distribution are not deductible business expenses for federal income tax purposes.

That means your tax rate is 35% on every dollar of revenue, not on every dollar of profit.

I guess I just don't get why this is such an issue. What's the difference between a Doctor prescribing Percocet and a Doctor prescribing marijuana? If a person is in such pain that they need relief, who am I to be judgemental and say what or how they get that relief? As long as the person isn't using when driving or operating equipment that could harm themselves or others, then I have no issue with law.

And the Supreme Court has been ignored for years now in Cali, even under the Bush administration. Have you not noticed the nullification movement? States are fed up with the Fed and until we get another Lincoln in office who is willing to enforce federal policy at the point of a gun, states will continue to thumb their noses at the Fed.

Prohibition does more harm than good. We learned that lesson with alcohol, but somehow it doesn't apply to other drugs? The "war on drugs" is a costly and miserable failure. Just say NO to the Fed!

You guys fail to take into account that this measure was passed by what a couple thousand votes. If these dispensaries bring problems or crime or even if there is just a bad case of PR (i.e. an O'Keefe like sting on one with an undercover camera that turns public opinion), someone can gather the signatures to put it back on the ballot. We are talking about swaying the minds of a few thousand voters and perhaps not even that. A special election might not even draw the marginal supporters out.

But I too am a Libertarian Republican that says the Drug War is the single biggest threat to our freedom there is. The tools it has given law enforcement to destroy people's lives are unprecedented. As folks sit in jail for possession of minor amounts of Marijuana or perhaps not jail, they merely cannot get a good job because of a misdemeanor pot possession charge or they cannot pass a drug test because they recreationally smoke the reefer, yet I can take all the percocet I want, even during work hours and as long as a Dr. prescribed it, I am good. And I do take all the percocet I like during work hours. Matter of fact, I am high on it right now.

CA has had it for years... under Bush! So, what's the deal?

There are other federal laws that states/localities ignore (e.g., sanctuary cities).

Unless the next Republican president is very hardline on social issues (Huckabee or someone similar), I doubt there would be a serious federal effort to override state actions on this. It's simply not that hot an issue with most people.

Once again greg you ignore reality. California had this for years under bush he barely did anything. This was a republican president who was more willing to invade peoples privacy more than any president since Nixon. If someone from the GOP wins in 12 or 16 they will be much more about states right and won't touch thing. So your analysis is wrong as usual

Medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996 under Bush

I think pretty soon we will reach a societal tipping point regarding dope. Is it worth billions of dollars a year to fight a war against a plant? Then consider the cost in our freedoms that the War on Drugs has imposed upon us. Also weigh the social costs of all those incarcerated on drug-related crime.

Is it worth it to continue?

I don't think so and I don't think I'm the only one. Many libertarian-minded Republicans like me think there are more important issues facing our country and state than if some dumbass sits around all day and tokes-up. I say let these idiots waste their lives away if they choose to do so, just leave 'em alone and focus on other matters.

Wanna put the dope dealers out of business, legalize it, tax it, and take all the profit out of the illegal drug trade. Make dope like cigarettes and booze, control it and bring it out of the shadows. I hate gambling too but I would rather it be regulated than non-regulated.

I say abandon the War on Drugs (hint, prohibition lost) and focus on pressing matters like securing the border.

That linked Supreme Court case was a DISASTER for the conservative movement. For those who didn't read it,it argued that since California medical marijuana was produced and sold in-state, the Feds had no right to prohibit it under the Interstate Commerce Clause.

THREE conservative justices - INCLUDING William Rehnquist - agreeed.

The liberals argued that the Fed ban on marijuana should be upheld, because although there is no legal interstate market for mj, some of the legal California pot would eventually leak out of the state and thus somehow "affect the price" of the illegal market in other states, and therefore Congress has a right to ban it.

Or, in other words, Congress has no limits on its authority whatsoever.

There's lots of reasons to hate medical marijuana, but conservatives should realize just how badly they were screwed by that case. I find that William Rehnquist voted to strike down the Federal marijuana ban rather hilarious.

Espresso Pundit: For the will of the people before he's against it!

Just legalize it, it doesn't hurt anyone, we all know that now. Seriously, the whole medical marijuana rules are a joke. The old guard should give it up, Joe Friday has been dead for a generation, kids aren't getting hopped up on goofballs and raping the white women. Its a plant, it chills you out, and, unlike alcohol, you don't want to beat up people when you are under its influence.

The difference I see with Medical Marijuana Vs. other perscription drugs is that it will be dispensed differently. I would suggest that it should be dispensed through the traditional pharmacies. None of the current pharmacies are political. If they believe they can make money on it they will. So you see your family doctor, you get a perscription and you go to Walgreens, CVS wherever to get it filled. What is the purpose of special marijuana distribution centers?

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